Hal And Hillary

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Hal And Hillary

Shaggy calls Kikuki, and lets Shagganese tell her that he can't be with her because he's in love with Rachel. "Intercourse you," DigiKuki says. Oh, damn, a tie for the best line! Crap. I am so indecisive. Or I'm a line-whore. Shaggy sniffles and hangs up, weary of heart but sprightly of crotch, ready to bang Rachel three times sideways.

Rachel and Shaggy attack the quad again, as flirty as ever. But this time, she agrees to go play pool with him, having warmed to the idea of knocking around some balls with Shaggy and a big stick. Yeah, have fun with that, Rach. As they walk away to the Student Union, he walks close to her, and as he talks, he keeps reaching his arm behind her and letting it drop so that it brushes against her, and occasionally he lets it linger. It's really funny and well-done.

During the credits, Lucien tries to get out of the elevator, but he's confronted by a perplexing cinderblock wall with two eyeholes. "This better not be permanent!" he announces. "This wasn't here when I left this morning! Visually, I could not see this!" Ha.

One more to go. This is so, so sad.

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