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Crawford stops by Hannibal Lecter's office to try and eke out some information about his wife. He's stymied by his wife's efforts to keep him out of her cancer treatment. She won't talk to him about her end-of-life decisions and so Crawford has to turn to Lecter for answers. Unfortunately Lecter won't violate doctor-patient confidentiality and spill the beans on Crawford's wife. He does sense that something else is bothering Crawford, though, which cues another flashback. Crawford and the young recruit study a Ripper victim. The man is skewered with all sorts of metal objects -- much like the nurse -- and the liver and thymus glands were removed. The recruit coolly assesses the scene and announces that Crawford will catch him.

At the FBI lab, the CSI people note that the nurse's body has the exact same wound pattern as the Ripper's last victim. In what we can only guess is foreshadowing, Crawford corrects him that the last victim's body was never found. Graham thinks the crime is nothing but grotesque plagiarism and that the real Ripper is going to make sure everyone knows it.

Crawford is sound asleep when his phone rings. It's someone named Miriam who is crying and saying "she was so wrong." In the morning, Crawford tries to have the call traced, but there's no record of it anywhere. The team gently questions Crawford as to whether it really was Miriam, who apparently was the recruit, or whether he is Lord Cuckoopants. Crawford is having none of it. He knows that the Chesapeake Ripper recorded Miriam while he was killing her and he thinks that the Ripper called him last night and played the recording. Since they know that Gideon didn't make the call, it's clear that he's not the Ripper. Graham points out that since they never found Miriam's body, it may not have been a recording. Crawford brushes him off and works on devising a plan to enrage the real Ripper and draw him out. The plan? It involves the blogger, of course. Crawford points out that she ran an unconfirmed story about the Chesapeake Ripper. They want her to confirm it. She gets to visit Gideon in the psych hospital and she can have an exclusive story claiming that Gideon is the Ripper. The story runs and Lecter, an avid blog reader apparently, gets quite twitchy reading the fabricated tale.

Crawford returns to the psych hospital to further question Gideon. He doesn't want to talk about the time that Gideon murdered his wife and her family. (Holidays, man.) He doesn't want to talk about Gideon's supposed other victims -- he wants to talk about Miriam. In the middle of their interview, Crawford gets a call from home. He goes to answer, thinking it's his wife, but instead it's Miriam. The team heads to his bedroom where they find fingerprints and a long blonde hair that match the missing recruit. Crawford is still convinced she's dead, though, so Grant thinks the killer knew Crawford and Miriam were close and knows that Crawford feels guilty about her death. Another flashback shows Crawford chiding Miriam for skipping class to work on the Ripper case and telling her to develop thicker calluses. It's a bit unclear whether that flashback is supposed to show us that they were close or that Graham has no idea what he's talking about.

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