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Let's Bee Friends

At the lab, the beehive man has been identified as Duncan Holloway. He was 52, divorced, bankrupt, and went missing six months ago. He had a very high white blood cell count, so they think he might have had a fever. Jimmy suggests some sort of religious significance, because honey is one of the five elixirs of immortality in Hinduism, and bees are a symbol of Christ. Brian says something long and sharp was pushed in his brain. In fact, he was lobotomized.

A man. Somewhere. When shows do this kind of in medias res scene and drop us somewhere where we don't know anyone, they rarely concern themselves with how difficult it is to recap. He complains about his arthritis to his acupuncturist, who's played by Amanda Plummer. She recommends bee venom therapy. But he can barely afford what he's already getting. She pokes him with acupuncture needles in the forehead and neck. He says he can't feel anything at all, so she brings out the lobotomy equipment. See, you take a long poky thing (a lot like an ice pick) and slide it into the eye socket, right next to the eye. Then you bang it with a hammer to get it into the brain, and then you wiggle it around. It's unsettling to watch.

Now the acupuncture guy is out in a field, looking, well, lobotomized. A young girl tells him not to stare at the sun. When he turns to look at her, he has no eyes. She screams. That seems reasonable.

He's been brought into the lab, where the boys tell Katz that their new patient is covered in holes. There are bee stings all over him, so he should be full of apitoxin. And he's blind and lobotomized, which is creeping everyone out. Some of the stings caused an allergic reaction on his skin, but others didn't. They realize that the stings that didn't cause a reaction are in the pattern of acupuncture needles, so the bee holes must be hiding the needle holes. Katz gets excited and rushes back to the body of the muralist. The spot where he was sewn to the other bodies is now of interest to her, because the big stitches are hiding smaller stitches. She remembers Hannibal saying "Only by going deep beneath the skin will you understand the nature of this killer's pathology." And underneath the stitching, it turns out that the killer removed James Gray's kidney.

Will lies on his cot, writhing and re-experiencing that scene where he brought Dr. Gideon (Eddie Izzard) to Hannibal's place. The Will in his cell remembers the will at the dinner table spasming. Hannibal announces that he's had a mild seizure. Gideon says, "That doesn't seem to bother you." Hannibal answers, "I said it was mild." So far, it's just like what happened last season, except now one of the walls of the room is replaced by the door to Will's cell. The door opens and Will walks into the room, so we have cell-Will observing as past-Will stands there in a stupor. And now, when Hannibal tells Gideon, "Terrible thing, to have your identity taken from you," he's staring at cell-Will. Then Will wakes up on his cot, presumably having remembered that scene where Hannibal revealed himself as the Chesapeake Ripper.

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