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Up in what I assume is the intensive care unit, Wee Willie describes Jolly Green Gina's current status to a kindly efficient organ bank coordinator named Carol. Kellerman eyes him wordlessly throughout with apparently genuine sympathy. Carol tells them that Jolly Green Gina's heart will go to a recipient in Las Vegas, while her liver and kidneys will remain in San Francisco. There's a tasteless Tony Bennett joke in there somewhere. I'm sure of it. Carol exposits that the crappy digital overlay has socked in San Francisco's airport, but they expect to tap out the effects budget by that afternoon. Once the crappy digital overlay vanishes, the Las Vegas transplant team should arrive to "harvest" the heart. Wee Willie assures Carol that his staff will be ready. Carol thanks them both and exits. "You okay?" Kellerman breathes once she's gone. Willie nods tensely and blinks a bit before gently stretching out a hand to brush a few stray strands of hair from the vegetable's forehead. "Gina's gonna save four lives today," Kellerman offers. Wee Willie silently tenses every muscle in his head.

Credits. "Aunjanue"? Her name is Aunjanue? What were her parents thinking?

Pangborn and Fish Lips pedeconference through the hall, discussing the previous evening's patient load in the ER. The weaselly Chet "Snickers" Donge appears behind them and offers condolences "on behalf of the Sutro Medical Corporation" for the unfortunate events that transpired at The Bus Stop Of Doom. Fish Lips notes that the administration has arranged crisis counseling for the staff with "psychiatrists and [their] multi-faith chaplaincy," as well as memorial services for each shift. Snickers bloodlessly offers fistfuls of Sutro's cash to pay for the shrinks and the flowers. He also wishes Pangborn luck at her press conference, and hopes she mentions that "the entire Sutro Medical family stands behind the Mish in her hour of darkness." Shelley's appalled. "You're angling for free publicity at a time like this?" "It's the only way to give meaning to this terrible tragedy," Snickers obliviously replies. Shelley's stunned. And sickened and repulsed.

Having left Shelley retching in disgust at the elevator bank, Snickers solicitously wonders how Fish Lips is coping with the "tragedy" as the two climb a set of stairs to the administrative suite. Fish Lips assures him that she's fine, all things considered. The Marimba Of Misguided Affection kicks in as Thomas Lennon whips out his best David Hyde Pierce impersonation to woo Fish Lips with a few awkwardly-phrased assurances of speedily efficient claims processing for the Sutro clients among the injured. Accountants are dorks, yo. Snickers darts off, embarrassed, as Fish Lips stands there all, "He is so not getting into my pants."

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