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Downstairs, Doctor Joyner enters the main lobby and oh-so-casually glances over at the security station. She's visibly disappointed to find a non-Levi guard on duty. She continues over to the intricately carved elevator doors and steps into the instantly-arriving car. Just as the doors slide shut, Hot Levi squeezes in, and the two engage in a bit of desultory chatter about the "tragedy" before getting down to the far more pressing business of flirting with each other. I regret to note that the actor playing Hot Levi needs to shut up already and just look pretty. The car quickly arrives at Joyner's floor, and she steps off the elevator alone. A brief flicker of puzzled amusement crosses her face once she realizes he's not joining her. "You not gettin' off?" she asks coyly. In the elevator? Wouldn't that gum up the call buttons? "Nope," Hot Levi replies with a grin. "Just riding with you." Oh, ew. This is worse than the actuarial flirtation from that dork accountant. Hot Levi invites her to dinner that evening at a nearby Korean restaurant. As the elevator doors slide shut on Hot Levi's beaming mug, Joyner promises to meet him in the lobby after her shift.

Kellerman spots Joyner ambling down the hallway and hustles to her side to make with a little flirtatious banter of his own. I must say that he's a hell of a lot better at it than Snickers and Hot Levi are. He eases her out of her coat, eyes her dress, and asks admiringly, "How do you find the time?" Joyner shoots him A Look. "To shop," he elaborates. "I mean, you're always wearing something new." Joyner reminds him that a "girl's gotta have a hobby." "Valentino?" he snorts. "Expensive hobby." Joyner stops dead in her tracks, arms folded across her chest, and smirks at him, silently challenging him to explain how he can divine a designer's name from a cursory glance at a dress's pattern and cut. Kellerman rolls his shoulders around and mentions the dreaded ex-wife. He used to shop for her, you see. Joyner gives him the suspicious side-eye. "What?" he bleats. "Is that weird?" Joyner, with plenty of attitude: "Only if you're straight." She struts off towards her office. Kellerman gazes after her, grinning like a fool while covering his crotch with that ever-present clipboard. He calls out an invitation to lunch, ostensibly to discuss a bypass she wishes to perform. She smiles that she'll get back to him on that. Kellerman's completely smitten by her superior sassiness, or something.

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