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The Truth Is Out There? Maybe?

The sans serif font of impending doom tells us it's Day 6. Night has fallen and Balleseros is still on the ice – but not for long, as we see his body being yanked away. Then we go to the next day(?) – there's sunlight at any rate – and Alan monologues at Doreen's "grave" (i.e. her labeled plastic body bag) about how she was the wind beneath his wings and all that. While he does that, we get flashbacks to the night before, where someone who does not appear to be affiliated with the research institute is dragging Balleseros' body across the snow (and yet, leaving no bloody trail in their wake …).

In the time it took Alan to admit that maybe he took Doreen for granted, it is night again. Daniel looms over him and Alan basically puts together the events of the past five episodes, telling Daniel that he's sure Balleseros killed Doreen and "whatever Balleseros is up to, it has everything to do with this virus. If you want to pretend you don't know that, that's fine. But I want him found!" Alan flounces off, leaving Daniel to wonder, "Where did I leave that big hunk of rancid meat?"

That big hunk of meat has just come to in the snow – then been knocked out by someone wearing a classic wooden arctic mask. We quick-cut from that to Daniel and Alan coming in from the cold just in time to catch Sarah wheeling Dr. Van Eigem's body. Sarah tells the best kind of lie, i.e. one wrapped in enough small truths to seem entirely plausible, and spins a story about "finding" Dr. Van Eigem and ultimately treating her with a big syringe of morphine. Daniel gives Alan a Significant Look and says, "So much for not killing the infected, right, Doc?" Alan takes a moment to process the situation – best friend dead, brother in a coma, ex-wife infected, hottie protégé thrill-killing people with smack – and decides that his best course of action is to retrieve Julia from Level R. Daniel pulls his weapon and says, "No-one is going down to Level R. No-one in, no-one out. And that includes Dr. Walker." There's some more alpha-male posturing and finally, Alan huffs back to the lab and Daniel tells Sarah he'll hand Dr. Van Eigem's body. (I sincerely hope this means Van Eigem will be back as a zombie in an episode or two.)

I'm sure, down on Level R, Hatake appreciates that level of filial devotion. We'll find out as soon as we get through Julia's latest rounds of hallucination, which include chasing a dark-haired little girl through the endless corridors, then getting waylaid by her (seemingly healthy) ex-fling, Peter, who smilingly says he's here to "help" Julia navigate the wine-dark recesses of her mind. I have to say, the non-clammy, non-goo-spewing Peter is very charming and it's easy to see why Julia might prefer him.

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