Black Rain

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What Can the Harvest Hope For, If Not for the Care of the Reaper Man?

Day 11, if the Feartura font is any indication. We see a woman, in considerable disarray, scampering down a hall and desperately gnawing at a scrap of food she finds in a wrapper at the end of a formerly-tidy laboratory corridor. Then she hears a few beeps. She looks down the corridor, sees a rat in a microwave, then goes down to investigate the phenomena instead of shrugging and saying, "It's one rat and I want no part of any freaky scene where people are nuking rodents."

So I'm neither surprised nor sympathetic when two vectors spirit her off. Peter oversees the whole operation, all king-of-the-vectors like.

Cut to Hatake dozing in his lab when a mobile phone goes off. The case indicates it's Constance's phone, and when Hatake checks the screen, it's bad news: Constance hasn't checked in, so Ilaria's sending the next wave of goons to the base to see what's what. Hatake does the Hatake equivalent of an eye-roll , then goes to another secret bunker, activates what looks to be a suitcase full of explosives, then waits.

And now, bad news: Julia's managed to save Sarah by sucking out some of her spinal fluid and injecting it in Sarah.

Anyway, Julia is riding high on the fact that she is apparently the one-woman cure to whatever ails you, and she's determined to turn her special cells into a vaccine for everyone infected with Narvik. "We can save these people, Alan," she says. Because Alan is not an especially spiteful person, he does not say, "I think a base full of people who were all, 'Fuck, yeah, unregulated science!' until that unregulated science barfed down their throats are getting what they deserve. Let's blow this popsicle stand and drink ourselves stupid in Sitka." Instead, he's all, "We need to work smart and fast." Well, going by the tete-a-tete he had with Sarah a few episodes ago, we know he's capable of one of those.

And then Alan gets the news that people are disappearing. I realize this is a "Barn door, meet horse. Horse, meet barn door" situation, but you would think that someone associated with either the base or the CDC would have whipped up a protocol for taking a headcount every so often?

Hatake continues to plant bombs around the base.

Alan, who is now apparently channeling his inner Gil Grissom, looks at the microwave full of exploded rat and tells the bald scientist whose name I don't care to look up, "The vectors are back … They're using bait, setting traps now. They know food is scarce and people are getting desperate." (Except, you'll note, Hatake and the CDC crew. Either they're too excited by Julia's special cells to be hungry or they're sitting on a secret stash of Clif bars.) The fact that the infected are extremely smart suggests they're "a new step in evolutionary virology." Alan concludes, "This is an evolved virus that changes the host and stays active until that host dies of other causes. It's created a new kind of viral collective." The other scientist attempts to make us feel as though there are actual stakes to this infection with, "They were dangerous before. What chance do we have now that they've actually evolved?"

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