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Whatchu Talking About, Willis Hypothesis?

The Feartura font tells us it’s Day 8. Not that I expect to see an entire episode comprised of scenes where Alan, Julia, Sarah, Balleseros and Daniel all sleep, but at this point, why aren’t they all so sleep deprived, they’re walking into walls? Instead, Sarah and Alan are eating breakfast with Julia, so I suppose we can infer that they did sleep and have just gotten up.

We can also infer that something is super-special about Julia, because the bald vector that scuttling around in the ducts above is able to detect both Alan and Sarah based on their circulatory system (which we see, in full vector-vision, as a vivid green tracery of veins) but Julia’s a blank.

She is, however, a hell of a practical joker, as she caps off her monologue about being wholly symptom-free by feigning a seizure and then bursting into laughter when Alan and Sarah come over to help her. It really is pretty funny. Both Alan and Sarah are such boring prigs, so they make excellent stooges. Once Alan quits rolling his eyes, the doctors resume chatting -- Alan and Julia talk about an old case in Bucharest where rumors touched off riots -- and the dynamic is weirdly familial, with Alan and Julia chatting like peers and Sarah as their precocious child.

Then we get a plot development: There was a vector attack, but Daniel’s men chased him into a lounge, where taking out said vector apparently also required soaking the available food supply with black goo. Alan inquires, "Did [your men] chase the vector in here, or did he lead them in here?" Daniel asks, "You think he wanted to contaminate the food supply?" and Alan replies, "Why infect us one-by-one when they could starve us en masse?" Shouldn’t the discussion they’re having be, "Why is there a vector on this floor anyway, and are there more?"

Meanwhile, Sarah’s drawing Julia’s blood for testing -- Julia reiterates that she feels marvelous, "better than I have in a long time" -- and then she breaks the news about the silver eyes to Sarah, who reacts with, "Holy…."

Constance is looking through Hatake’s stalker scrapbook to see if she can figure out why he’s so into Julia, and she’s getting nowhere. A handsome red-headed jackboot named Klein comes in to give her a report on how the base now has no food, but Constance doesn’t plan on being around long enough to actually take a meal (or perhaps she feasts on human blood – who knows?) and elects instead to monologue about how she’s the apex of MBA evolution and she can’t perceive any value in Julia. Constance also thinks the scientists at the CDC have had it too easy, what with one of their colleagues being murdered and another being infected, so she’d like to inspire them via fear and discomfort. I realize we’re supposed to be rooting against this monster, but I enjoy how, after seven episodes of people being soft-spoken and polite and furtively scheming, we finally have someone who is out and proudly evil.

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