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In a White Room/with Black Sputum…

The sans serif text of the frightening future (Frightura?) tells us that it's day five. Because Balleseros hasn't been creepy enough in prior episodes, he decides to start this one off by setting fire to the field of frozen monkeys. Once the flames go up, this is when we learn that the monkeys have merely been frozen in a state of suspended animation and so are now thawing out in the fire … just in time to be burned to death.

So what I'm getting from this is that we're going to see the dead rise in future episodes.

Anyway, in addition to being a creepy monkey-burning murderer, Balleseros is also ready to be a disappeared creepy, monkey-burning murderer. However, his anonymous overlords won't pick him up until he retrieves a certain Dr. Hvit. So now Balleseros has to head back inside and start looking for Dr. Hvit. You can imagine how thrilled he is by this.

And now, a montage of Alan Sciencing away. Once he's done Sciencing, he Talks Science at Dr. Duchamp until the latter grasps that thanks to Alan's brilliance, there is a reasonable chance that SODRA might work to cure patients without that pesky "70% chance of death" side effect. That is, if they can get Alan's modified version of SODRA to pan out in in vivo experimentation. Dr. Duchamp's all about trying animal experimentation right away, which is Alan's cue to say, "I need to brief my veterinary pathologist, Doreen Boyle, first."

On his way to go get Doreen, Alan is waylaid by Daniel, who grumps about Alan's failure to check in every hour on the hour. Alan is all, "FLOW, badge monkey, have you heard of it?" and hustles off, unrepentant about making the head of security's job harder. (Which, to be fair, is not an unreasonable approach given Daniel's obvious loyalty to Hatake and Alan's distaste for the researcher.)

Sarah comes out of the nods in time to note that Dr. Van Eigem is being loud and in pain and much worse than she was before. The most useful thing she does in this scene is impart the knowledge that the University of Wisconsin did a study and found that fantasizing about delicious food helped minimize pain. The second most useful thing is noticing that Sarah bears more than a passing resemblance to Gizmo the Mogwai. Let's hope nobody feeds her after midnight.

Balleseros is busy going through Hatake's computer looking for Dr. Hvik, but finding nothing. When Daniel comes in and hotly inquires as to what Balleseros is doing and why he's in Hatake's chair, Balleseros takes that as his cue to swing his booted feet up on the desk and make a show of not going anywhere. He asks where Dr. Hvit is, and Daniel growls, "There's no-one on this base by the name of Dr. Hvit. Now get out of (Hatake's) chair."

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