Hell on Wheels
A New Birth of Freedom

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Worst Employee Ever

Lily and Cullen finally reach Hell on Wheels. They ride past the fresh graves with their white picket crosses. She doesn't stop to look for her husband's grave. "It's been months since I've seen such a..." She trails off. "Shit hole?" he offers. Instead of being offended, she seems slightly amused. On the outskirts of town, he hands her the reins and asks if she can go the rest of the way on her own. She's surprised he's not taking her in so he can collect the bounty. He tells her he's got business to attend to in Cheyenne territory and only has a few hours of daylight left. So he turns back around and rides off again. If his ass doesn't get fired from his new job, I will be sorely disappointed. Lily tries to call him back to thank him, but he doesn't even slow down. Melancholy fiddle music plays as Lily watches our stony-faced antihero vanishes over the horizon.

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Hell on Wheels




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