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Finally Lily comes to the church. Joseph sits inside, praying. "Where there is hatred, let me show love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith." He sounds so earnest, it's really kind of heartbreaking. He's pleased to see her. "You look like you're feeling much better," he says. "It's amazing what a little soap and water can do," she says. And a curling iron and a new dress and a Zoom! teeth whitening. She gives him a look over and notices with a smile that he's cut his hair. He shyly runs his hand over his new 'do. I wish this whole show was about Joseph and his hair and their adventures through life. Lily tries to give him the reward money, pressing the gold coins into his palm, but he declines. She thinks it's because he's afraid people will know, so she assures him she hasn't told anybody about him. He explains he can't take the money because he's not a bounty hunter. "It's my duty to help," he says. The Reverend, who must have smelled that sweet, sweet money like chum in the water, suddenly appears and encourages Joseph to take it. "That money will buy a lot of Bibles," he says. Joseph introduces Lily to Reverend Cole. The Reverend calls her the "fair-haired maiden of the West" and shows her Doc's article. The artist's rendition shows Robert stabbing their attacker with an arrow while Lily faints against a tree. Lily goes along with it. The Reverend is worried that Indians will die as a result of the article. Lily bristles. "The Indians attacked us. If they die, they will be to blame, not me." He tries to tell her about the Sand Creek Massacre, appealing to her to correct any misinformation in the article. "Try to see the bigger picture," he pleads with her. "My husband was slaughtered in front of me; it's a little hard to see the bigger picture," she says. She takes her leave as Joseph stands around looking awkward and uncomfortable.

Elsewhere in town, Cullen has that crappy photograph in one hand and a bottle of liquor in the other. He looks at the picture for a long time. The horrible cut-and-paste job makes him so sad that he has to toss the picture into a nearby fire. He downs the rest of the bottle and tosses it aside, the damned litterbug. Elam walks by and suddenly Cullen is feeling talkative. "That sonofabitch got away because of you," he says, following Elam. Elam's like, "How you figure that?" Cullen says, "You killed Johnson before he could give me Harper's name." It's amazing any of these people are alive, the way they loudly discuss murdering people. They're just standing there next to some tents, blabbing away. Elam looks nervous, as well he should. He lowers his voice just a bit and reminds Cullen: "I killed Johnson before he killed you." Cullen's still pissed. He thinks he could've gotten a name out of Johnson and then killed Harper before he had a chance to run. Elam and I both think he's drunk and crazy. Elam tries to leave, but Cullen calls him back. "You have any idea what they took from me?" Cullen asks. Elam fixes him with an intense look. "They ain't took nothing from you that ain't been took from me," he says. Does Cullen have a moment of epiphany? Does he realize that many, many people have had it worse than him? Does he realize how self-indulgent he's being? No, because then the show would be over. I will say, though, that he seems to have washed his face and he's really quite handsome under that grime. Too bad he's so annoying.

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