Hell on Wheels
Pride, Pomp and Circumstance

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Plains, Trains and Credit Mobilier

Cullen chases after Lily. She's going to tell Doc that they're here, the ones who committed the massacre. Cullen warns her that women and children will be killed, too, not just the braves. Tears streaming, she wheels around on him. "What's your stake in this, Mr. Bohannon? Why do you care?" He doesn't try to talk her out of it, exactly, but he cautions her. "Everything has a price, Mrs. Bell. If you think you can afford the price of this, then go on." Lily thinks about that for a minute, possibly waiting for an "I know from personal experience" speech, but Cullen says nothing else so she turns and continues on her way.

Senator Crane is still trying to reason with Many Horses, but they have entirely different views on reason. "You must think of your women and children," Crane says. "I am thinking of them," says Many Horses. "How can I ask them to give up what they have for this?" He waves an arm toward town. "I have never seen such a dark, filthy place." Doc, who's been pacing this whole time, stops and gapes at Many Horses. Apparently, when you've lived knee-deep in human waste and disease long enough, you just get used to it. Crane warns Many Horses that there will be war if he doesn't accept the deal. The Reverend sits between them as they argue, looking more hopeless by the second. He tries to get them back on task, but the men aren't through threatening each other with slaughter. Doc's had enough. He goes to Many Horses and lays it out thusly: "This train means the end of life as you know it." Many Horses gets up, looks Doc in the eye. "My son had a vision. He will defeat your train." Doc laughs and laughs, then thinks for a second and offers Many Horses' son a chance to make his vision come true.

So they set things up for a race between Tracker and the train. Tracker prays with his people. I don't understand the Cheyenne language, but I think he says something like, "Please let me better at racing than I am at tracking." While they wait for the race to start, the townsfolk find other ways to occupy themselves. Psalms and Elam greet the Cheyenne women with appreciative smiles. Ruth and Joseph chat; although we don't hear what they say, they seem to be getting more comfortable with each other. Doc stands around looking constipated. Must be all that picnic food. Lily takes up a spot next to Cullen to watch the race. She hasn't decided yet whether to tell Doc about Joseph's people. As Elam joins the rest of the crowd, he and his tattooed lady friend look at each other for much too long and with too much familiarity. Toole sees the exchange and seethes.

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Hell on Wheels




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