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The Great Wall Has It All
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Previously on Blood Is Thicker Than Dirty Water: We revisit James's two-weeks-ago booting, because of its status as the most important thing that's ever happened on Survivor aside from Mike Skupin, Pig-Killer, falling into the fire on his face. Then the real previouslys can begin. The family visits came along with the reward challenge, which was won by Denise and her sock-wearing husband. She took Todd and Amanda and their sisters along for the reward, leaving Peih-Gee bummed out over getting no payback for the Shaolin Temple the week before. The immunity challenge was literally a slog, but a clearly exhausted Peih-Gee pulled it out and earned herself another week of safety. Erik and Peih-Gee tried to get Denise to see the writing on the wall reading, "You Will Get Fourth Place," but she covered her eyes and voted Erik out instead. Thus did things continue prodding along just as they had for weeks, and the fact that Jeff refers to Todd as a "mastermind" is hilarious to me, because: for what? For getting himself out of the James/idols situation he stupidly put himself in to begin with? For sitting here with the same alliance he had at the beginning? What makes Todd a "mastermind," other than that he talks about how great he is all the time? That would make a lot of people masterminds, including Jean-Robert, who couldn't strategize his way through ordering a Frosty at Wendy's. Five people left. Who will go next?

Hae Da Fung, Night 33. Everyone returns to camp in night vision, and Denise recaps for us how she was presented with the opportunity to go to F3 with Peih-Gee and Erik, but she decided to stick with Todd and Amanda, apparently on the theory that, in Imaginary World, where they actually allow her to get to F3, she has a good chance of beating them in a jury vote. You'll want to keep in mind that Denise's entire plan here would call for her to court jury votes based on the notion that she'll be in F3 with Todd and Amanda. It's not like Denise doesn't know at some level how stupid she's being, either, considering that she classifies it as very possibly her biggest mistake in the game. But there you go. She sees what's happening, but she can't quite pull the trigger. I think she's one of those people who would rather go out saying she was betrayed (as she will when Todd and Amanda don't take her to F3) than go out because she tries to make a snake move herself and it doesn't work out. In the shelter, Courtney and Todd agree that Erik is a really, really nice person, but they also agree that this has nothing to do with the game. I'm not sure why we saw that unenlightening exchange, but all right.

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