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Chicken Meatball

Chicken Kiev time. Holli and Autumn bring the dishes up, although Autumn is decidedly worried about whether the chicken is cooked. She puts on a pretty convincing smile, though. The blue dish is a pair of chicken meatballs, which Autumn claims is an inside-out Chicken Kiev. Gordon is not impressed with the concept and asks whose idea it was. Salvatore admits that it was his. And one of the balls is pink (oh, grow up!) so obviously they lose. Holli's is fine and they win, tying the challenge.

Trout Almondine. Benjamin vs. Jay. Benjamin's is deemed "mild" and "very good". Jay's gets no description. The two diners split between the dishes. So Gordon will break the tie, which seems like sort of an obvious move. After a million hours of stalling, he gives the edge to the red team. Because he wants to pretend that his brilliant idea of sticking Benjamin on the team fixed their leadership problem.

There's yet another costume involved as the red team receives bowling shirts for their '50s-themed reward. The blue team will be blowing up balloons and putting up decorations. Nilka claims that having Benjamin means that they now have LeBron James on their team. Okay, first of all, Benjamin is a little too scrawny to pull that off. And second, LeBron hasn't won anything yet.

Up in the patio, Jay tells Salvatore that he cost the team the win, and that he shouldn't propose chicken meatballs if he doesn't know how to make them. Then it's time to start decorating the dining room, Ed takes charge of the dance floor assembly. He does appear to know what he's doing. As the red scene walks through the dining room, Nilka brags about how great the red team is. Yeah, they won a narrow victory because Salvatore undercooked some chicken. Whoopee. Then they get in convertibles and go out to a carhop of some sort. The sort with rollerskating, miniskirted waitresses. It's kind of awful. Then the waitresses make the chefs dance in a line with them and it gets a real Hooters vibe.

Back at the dining room, Autumn is bossing everyone around, telling them how to tie off balloons and do various other simple tasks. Then it's cake time! Ed and Jay both claim they don't know how to cut cakes. Just shut up and do it already. Meanwhile, the red team is trying to enjoy their novelty oversized margaritas when they're interrupted by the waitresses insisting that they have a hula hoop contest. Siobhan is the only one who's any good at it, and I cannot believe I have to tell you which chef is good at hula-hooping. This is stupid. As is the terrible makeup on the waitresses. What an awful reward. "You win! Um... there's a theme restaurant down the street. Gordon won't be there. Enjoy!"

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