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With the decision now in doubt, the red team lines up in the dining room. Chef Ramsay asks Holli for the first nominee. It's Fran, because things came out a little slow. Second nominee? The musical stalling gets so oppressive that even Gordon, who presumably is not normally subject to the dramatic editing, demands a second time to know who it is. It's Siobhan. Why? "We were talking about who would be the worst cooks in the kitchen." Gordon looks skeptical. "So she didn't have a terrible service but you wanted to nominate her." Benjamin puts in his oar and pontificates about Siobhan's supposed lack of technical experience and passion for food.

Siobhan, why should you stay? "I have so much passion and so much heart." She also denies being over her head. Fran thinks she is. Fran, why should you stay? "I get stronger every time you yell at me." Gordon thinks she's peaked. Anyway, his decision is: "Fran! Get back in line! Siobhan! Take... yourself back to the red team. Yes, you did lose, but there is one chef who had the worst service. Salvatore! C'mere! Out of seven services, you've had one good one." So long, Salvatore. Incidentally, this was not a particularly shocking twist.

Benjamin is a little fed up with his team, suggesting that the garbage can would be a better cook than Fran and Siobhan. Classy guy, that Benjamin.

Check back soon for Part 2 of the double episode, then watch the episode here, discuss it in our forums, and see why we'd never eat here!

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