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Previously: Natalie, Jamie, Elise, and Jonathon also struggled during a beer-themed challenge and service. But, as was only appropriate, Krupa's drunk ass got sent home.

We rejoin Ramsay and the contestants post-Krupa's ouster. He says ominously, "We're not done yet," then tells them what's been sorely lacking is leadership. He charges each team to nominate its strongest leader and report back tomorrow morning. While Will is the hands-down favorite for the Blue Team, Red stands divided. Jamie and Elizabeth want Jennifer. Carrie thinks she should be team leader, which Elise openly scoffs at. Jennifer wonders if she wants to be accountable for this pack of jokers.

The next morning, the teams reconvene with Ramsay. Ramsay is happy with Blue's selection of Will and somewhat surprised by Red's pick Jennifer. He says a leader must understand her teams' strengths and weaknesses, then asks her to name Red's weakest player. Jennifer names Carrie, who obviously disagrees. Ramsay asks Will which Blue Teammate has the least leadership experience, and Will calls out Tommy for his lack of communication skills. Naturally Ramsay flips the script and deems Tommy and Carrie the de facto team leaders for today's reward challenge.

The task: Evolve five American comfort classics in 45 minutes. The leaders pick who cooks what. Carrie takes pizza, then assigns Jennifer the chicken noodle soup, Elizabeth the Cobb salad, Elise spaghetti and meatballs, and Jamie the hamburger. Guess who thinks she got shafted? (Hint: It rhymes with "Puh-leese.") Over in the Blue's kitchen, Tommy is so slow to pull the trigger that the teammates assign themselves which classics they'll be cooking. Once they do so, all he does is tell them to execute his ideas instead of their own. Cooks in both kitchens struggle with their pizzas, and Elise may not have dropped her pasta quickly enough. As the clock ticks down, it's a mad dish to get dishes plated. Really? You had 45 minutes, guys.

Ramsay introduces today's guest judge: Wolfgang Puck. Given that the man has his own line of gourmet frozen pizzas, Carrie and Jonathon may be in trouble. Jamie and Tommy are the first to go forward in a Battle Royale with Cheese (that's French for "burger battle"). Jamie's lamb burger with red onion relish and rosemary garlic oil is deemed slightly overdone but tasty. Tommy's Japanese soy-ginger burger isn't colorful enough, especially compared to Tommy's tatted-up body. Red wins the first point. Elizabeth and Natalie present their Cobb salads next. Elizabeth inexplicably went with tradition, save for a honey Dijon dressing, and the chefs think it's messy. Natalie remixes her Cobb salad with salmon instead of chicken. Wolfgang thinks it goes too far outside of what diners would consider a Cobb salad but thinks it would be good under another name. Regardless of these criticisms, Natalie wins a point for the Blue Team.

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