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Red has divvied up the ingredients, but Barbie doesn't seem to want to focus on her own dish, chirping away her opinion at everyone else, making Dana concerned the lamb isn't going to be done right. Blue's loose Asian theme gives Brian inspiration -- they'll make the dragonfruit into sushi.

Time runs out, and Red serves up its herb-crusted rack of lamb, served with crispy roasted Brussels sprouts and braised endive and chicory. Endive? What about the truffles? Ramsay braises how well the lamb is cooked, but he feels a little let down by the Brussels sprouts. Barbie's of the opinion that Dana should have paid more attention to her own ingredient than Barbie's.

As for the men, Justin introduces their charred chicken roulotte, with dragonfruit vinaigrette, edamame puree and a daikon sushi roll. Ramsay says it's delicious, except for the chicken, which is slightly overcooked, adding that he noticed Royce slicing it too early, dehydrating it on top. I wish we'd hear more actual cooking insights like this, rather than half an hour of Robyn calling everyone else a bitch every episode.

Ramsay says it's a tough call, and once we come back from commercial, we find out that he felt Blue's dish had a slight edge. Higher degree of difficulty, for sure. Robyn seems to feel particularly responsible for the victory, and that for sure this validates her being on the Blue Team.

The Blue Team's prize? Twenty-four hours in Vegas, staying at a high roller suite at the Paris hotel. There is much yelling and shouting of "Vegas, baby!" Mostly from Royce. Kimmie blames Dana for screwing up the Brussels sprouts, especially since they're going to be up all night slow-roasting the pork for a special service tomorrow night.

And Kimmie is CRYING AGAIN, like how much does Kimmie need to be sent home? Pull it together, Kimmie, Jesus. "I don't know why she needs to cry after every fucking challenge," Dana tells us.

In the dorms, Kimmie pounds on the punching bag while complaining about Dana's "crunchy-ass Brussels sprouts," and that the problem is that Dana thinks she runs the team. Wait, what? No, Robyn thinks she runs the team, Barbie thinks she runs the team -- oh, but Barbie's lamb was good and Robyn can't be used as an excuse anymore, so Red is looking for a new internal conflict to destroy itself with. Kimmie says she wants to wring Dana's neck right now, that's how pissed she is. Well, she can try, at least until she can't see straight when she starts crying because SHE'S ALWAYS CRYING.

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