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Blue is the perfect opposite. They don't have a single entrée out yet. There must be some confusion, because Robyn is on the team, and isn't she Hell's Kitchen Jesus?

Ramsay orders Blue up to the pass where he shows them the eleven trays waiting for orders, and then shows them Red's clean slate. So he summons Red into Blue's kitchen to help out. Horribly embarrassing for Robyn. Is this like running to an ex-girlfriend? "Oh! Hello. ... You're looking well, Red Team." As usual Tiffany has completely forgotten any of her shortcomings and calls the Blue Team pathetic. I mean, she's not wrong, but... I mean, god, listen to Tiffany, who moments ago mistook cod for sea bass TWICE, condescendingly talk to Brian about why the Blue Team is always fucking up. Brian says it took every ounce of his strength not to shove her head in the deep-fryer, which means Brian has more self-control than probably anyone watching.

Even Christina wants Tiffany to cool it, reminding everyone that they're there to help, not make things worse. So Christina leads the Blue/Red charge in getting the entrees out, and when everyone's served, Ramsay tells them what a great service they had, and obviously they won, putting everyone in a sunny mood.

As for Blue, he gathers them at the back of the kitchen to tell them the best chef on the men's team was a woman. Well, it's not really a men's team, though, is it? Although Ramsay probably knows that the sexist button is a good one to push to make the men feel bad about themselves. He rattles off the men's litany of sins and tells them Red blew them away, and now they need to head back to the dorms and put up two people for elimination. "Chef Ramsay pretty much obliterated our souls," Brian tells us.

In the dorms, Brian speaks up first, nominating Royce and Clemenza for the terrible jobs they did. Royce doesn't say anything, but Clemenza seems outraged that he should be singled out for criticism just because he did a shitty job. He counters with Royce and Brian, because although he did have scallops come back, he rescued flatbread. (Well, you also burned fish, Clemenza.) Royce makes it a trifecta by nominating Brian and Clemenza, because his meat problems weren't nearly as bad as the "shit-ton" or "fuck-ton" of issues with the fish and the flatbreads, like NICE TRY, ROYCE. He tells us everyone there knows he's not the weakest link. He says that a little more confidently than I think the sentiment warrants.

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