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Previously: A bar mitzvah. Ben was (and probably still is) Jewish. Carol put bleu cheese in a hamburger which did not delight the kid and led to a nigh-incomprehensible section in the last recap where I was about to start talking about how horse milk doesn't curdle but changed my mind and ended up not mentioning the fairly basic fact that you can't mix meat and dairy and still be kosher, not that the family having the bar mitzvah appeared to care one way or the other about the food being kosher in the first place, Andrea and Carol didn't get along, the blue team won the challenge, Andrea and Carol continued to fight, Coi couldn't cook a hamburger, J screwed up and talked about himself in the third person more than ever, Lacey had a problem, the blue team won the service, Andrea nominated Coi and LA, and Coi was sent home. Whew!

Now: the chefs go back up to the dorms, and Andrea feels sorry for herself for having to nominate people. She assures Carol that although she doesn't like her personally, she doesn't think she deserves to go home yet. LA would like to know what the deal is with nominating her, and is told by Paula that she should show more passion. The red team appears to be fractionalizing, with people picking sides against each other.

The next morning, the chefs line up in front of Chef Ramsay in the dining room. He claims to have prepared something "slightly special", which is a nice change from everything being the "most amazing" thing. He's got some tapas-style samples from his London restaurant. Everyone tastes them and has the sense to say they're delicious. Chef Ramsay tells them that it's six small dishes, all from salmon; so the challenge is for each team to make five small tapas-style dishes from leftovers. J tells us that J can make food from leftovers or even canned food. I think he wishes he was on Top Chef, then.

Before the challenge starts, Chef Ramsay says it's time to even up the teams. He tells Lacey that since she's been on the blue team, the women have not won, then pauses long enough to make everyone think she'll be going back. Then he sends Giovanni over to the red team, much to all the women's relief. Robert interviews: "Chef Ramsay gave the worst from the red team [Lacey] to the blue team, and the best from the blue team [Giovanni] to the red team." Anyway, go!

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