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So each chef is supposed to make one dish. Carol tests some sauce to make sure it's soy. Lacey asks her team for someone to give her an idea and then interviews, practically in tears as usual, "I'm not gonna make it that much farther in this competition if I can't even come up with a dish." True. Ben tells her to dice some tomatoes and mushrooms. Robert interviews: "Lacey has no culinary skill whatsoever, and I'm getting kinda pissed off that Chef Ramsay is amusing himself by keeping this fat bitch." Nice. Especially coming from somebody who weighs about, I'd say, 2.3 Laceys.

Lacey tosses a pan on the counter and asks J what it needs. He claims it tastes good, but he might just not want to get involved in her Drama Cloud. People plate stuff at the last second.

Chef Ramsay judges the dishes head-to-head. First, Paula's peppered steak and eggs vs. Danny's grilled filet mignon. Both are nice, and both teams win a point. Next up, Lacey's mushroom bruschetta with, apparently, uncooked leek, takes on LA's asparagus and ginger soup. The soup looks and tastes dishwashery. The dishes are deemed "foul" and "disgusting". No points to anyone. Carol's Ginger-wrapped fried tuna with a ginger-soy reduction hits a snag when Chef Ramsay claims to have been up at six in the morning putting everything out, and he's positive there was no soy sauce. Apparently the stuff she tasted and thought was soy sauce was balsamic vinegar. Andrea interviews that a chef oughta be able to tell the difference. And they should! But a ginger-balsamic reduction might be pretty tasty. Anyway, Robert has pasta with butternut squash and some lamb. His is too big to be tapas, but it's tasty. Robert gets the point, and we're 2-1 for the blue team. Robert thanks his mother, from whom he got the idea.

Andrea has what she claims to be an open-faced lobster and asparagus ravioli, and I am outraged at the idea of open-faced ravioli. That's not ravioli! That's just some stuff sitting on top of a rectangle of pasta! I realize this is not something Andrea just invented, but it still bugs me. Chef Ramsay says it looks boring, but "delivers big time in taste and flavor". J has lobster with a fennel and leek broth. Chef Ramsay deems it too simple, which he hardly ever says about anything. It's now 2-2. Giovanni (for the red team, remember) is up against Ben.

Ben grilled some tuna and asparagus, which is "absolutely delicious". Giovanni did some steak and lobster. Chef Ramsay says both dishes are "delicious" and "extraordinary". He stalls a little, and declares the winning team to be [pause for commercial break] the red team. Gordon assures Ben that it was not an easy decision. Actually, he calls it "the closest ever", but I don't think he puts too much thought into going over his previous Hell's Kitchen decisions. Ben interviews that he is humbled to continually lose. Well, sure.

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