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So Lacey's walked out on her punishment, which is the second time she's decided not to prep. She interviews (more tearfully than before), "I'm not going to compromise my health and happiness for [bleep] two hundred fifty grand! It's not [bleep] worth it!" Hey, but what about that imaginary executive chef position? You wouldn't want to forget about that. Back in the kitchen, Robert comments that Lacey needs to get her ass kicked, and I'm thinking maybe Robert could cool it with all the talking about how much he wants to beat her up. Just throwing that out there.

Ben reluctantly goes up to talk Lacey off the ledge. Lacey's tearful interview continues, with her showing a bit of self-awareness: "I don't want to be 'The Bitch from Hell's Kitchen'! Because I'm really not a bitch! I'm really a nice, cool person." Aw. She knows what her actions are going to look like on the show, and she wishes things were different. You normally don't get that until the contestants see the footage, so that's sort of interesting. Ben looks her in the eye and asks if she can pull it together, because the team needs her. We get a flash on this exact scene from two weeks earlier, where Ben had to get back down there. She finally drags herself down there.

Dinner service time! Giovanni peps up his team. Chef Ramsay tells JP to open the kitchen. There is no shot of a full moon for me to mock. Here we go! Customers everywhere!

The blue team's "Yes, Chef!" is less enthusiastic than it's supposed to be. But that's nothing compared to Carol's risotto. The rice is wildly overcooked and clumpy. Poor J is working away in the blue kitchen, unaware that Chef Ramsay is about to come over and shout at him for overcooking all the rice for both teams' risotto. And there it is. J starts to get more rice on, but Chef Ramsay has JP take the risotto off the menu. So that's what it takes to have a Hell's Kitchen menu without risotto!

JP brings back some undercooked pasta, which is apparently Andrea's fault. But Carol gets shouted at. She interviews her displeasure at this setup, calling Andrea a [bleep] bitch several times. In the kitchen, Chef Ramsay calls Carol a "nasty bitch" and sends her and Andrea out of the kitchen and into the dining room, where he makes them sit at a table and eat the undercooked pasta. He tells them they're not allowed back in until they've eaten it all, and they just eat it as quickly as possible.

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