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Somehow, both teams finish the dinner service, and they finish in a fairly limp and lifeless way. The red team wins, but Carol and Andrea are still at each other's threats. Carol shouts in an interview that she's very close to losing her cool. I think she lost it some way back. Essentially, both Andrea and Carol believe that the other one won't ever admit when she's wrong.

Chef Ramsay lines up the teams in the kitchen and declares the blue team the losers. He directs everyone to go up to the dorms and think about someone they want to go home. In the dorms, Ben apologizes to the rest of his team for being awful tonight. Danny points out that Ben talks a huge game (remember that time that Ben started shouting at Danny for daring to think he might be better than him?) but doesn't do great at dinner services. Lacey complains (No! Really! She complains!) that she doesn't know who to put up, because everyone but Ben did a good job, and Ben tells her that if she puts him up after all he's done for her, he'll... well, it's not clear what he'll do. But he won't think it's fair. Robert is still furious at Lacey, and they have a fight. Robert tries to soften the blow by saying that she's tried sometimes, but she wants to focus on how he keeps saying he hates her. Robert: "If all you're hearin' is all the negative, you're a moron." So that doesn't go too well. Lacey rolls her eyes and Robert shouts. Robert also promises that if Lacey somehow wins, he'll hang up his coat and become a crack whore. Well, he'll certainly lose some weight that way [cue laugh track].

What's left of the blue team lines up for Chef Ramsay to yell at them. Robert, who don't you want on your team? "Lacey, because she's a cancer." Chef Ramsay wasn't there for prep, so he's kind of taken aback by the torrent of dislike. Lacey, in return, wants Robert out because "We don't understand each other as people." Danny also picks Lacey, because "she has a piss-poor attitude." Ben? Lacey. "She's not a team player." So Chef Ramsay tells Lacey and Ben to step forward. We go to commercial, and my expectation here is that he'll tell them both to shape up and get back in line because he already sent someone home today. Let's find out!

...and we're back! You're lucky you missed that commercial for The Osbournes: Reloaded, because it is the worst thing ever created. Ben, why didn't you nominate yourself? "I bring a solid foundation of food knowledge." Chef Ramsay asks him if he's willing to be honest, and makes him admit he did the worst tonight. Lacey, why should you stay? "I came here to learn and grow, so that I can win and become great." Chef Ramsay says he has choice between someone who can't get along with their team and someone who can't cook meat. And he sends both of them back into line. The blue team claims they can work together. Lacey promises more drama. Robert calls her a bitch a couple more times. Carol says that Andrea is out to make herself look good. Ben thinks he's being attacked because Chef Ramsay sees something in him. I think he's wrong.

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