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Sheer Heart Attack

The men finally get their dishes approved and start cooking. Dave complains about not being able to add sugar to his dish. Food gets plated, and it's time for the tasting!

The men's menu is 597 calories, and the women's is 694. The men could have been much higher. Tennille brings up the red team's appetizer, which is a seared scallop with a mango chutney. Chef Ramsay likes it. Kevin's got a grilled Key West seafood salad. Key West isn't anywhere near LA! Gordon likes it even though it doesn't contain fresh, local ingredients, and awards a point to both teams. 1-1.

Ariel brings up a pork chop stuffed with cottage cheese and mushrooms, and Gordon compliments the women on having something that looks like a full-sized portion but is only 308 calories. The women nod to each other, agreeing that they are awesome. It is delicious. Jim has what he describes as a pork "cutlet" with soba noodles and broccoli. There are three soba noodles. Gordon thinks it looks like a child's portion. The women again nod to each other. The women win. 2-1 Red Team.

So you're never going to believe this, but it's come down to the final dish! Again! For the thirtieth challenge in a row! Amanda brings up a fruit dish, which is distinguished by its lemon-ricotta cheese. Chef Ramsay seems to like it: "That's turned a boring, bland cheese into something zesty, vibrant, professional." Nice! Dave brings up something that prompts Gordon to laugh and say "Oh, come on. What is that?" It looks like a crepe. Or maybe half a pop tart, covered in Pepto Bismol. It's an egg-white crepe with a compote inside, and Gordon hates it. He mocks it as being food you get served when you come out of a heart attack. Rejected! The women win! And pretty decisively, too.

All three of the women's dishes will be going on the menu that night, so the men's punishment is to go to a store and buy the ingredients. Oh, and prep both kitchens for that night's dinner service. Meanwhile, the women will be going to Venice Beach to get a volleyball lesson. Weird.

The red team is very pleased with themselves, especially Sabrina. As well she should be! Jim has some kind of pig-in-a-prom-dress metaphor he'd like to share with us, which I think means he doesn't like the looks of some of the women. Noted. The women get into convertible Minis, go through the usual "I've never been in a convertible!" gushing, and are whisked off to Venice, where they are met by Annett Davis, Olympic Volleyballer. Balls are volleyed.

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