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Jim's got some more risotto, which is bland. That's "an insult to a grain of rice!" Apparently. So the blue kitchen hasn't sent out any risotto yet. Meanwhile, the red team is doing fine, except for Tennille on the garnish station. Her mashed potato pan doesn't have enough in it for Chef Ramsay, so he does his usual stomping around, bemoaning his fate, and she claims that she was compensating for being told that there was too much spinach earlier. He asks her (well, shouts at her in kind of a questioning tone of voice) if she's upset, and she allows as how she is. He tells her it's because she's crap. Tennille: "You're crap!"

All together now: Oh no she didn't!

Tennille tells us that Chef Ramsay isn't going to keep talking to her like that. I think he probably is, actually. He tells her to get out, and she says "[bleep] you" and leaves. As she leaves, he continues to tell her to get the [bleep] out. That's a less effective line when she's actually leaving, you know?

Tennille tells us that she was trying to retain her cool, which for her means saying "[bleep] you" a lot, but stopping short of "slapping him in the jaw". Chef Ramsay follows her to the back, where they have a bleep-filled discussion, highlighted by "Shut your fat [bleep]ing mouth" and "Let me back in that kitchen!" Ramsay finally gets Tennille to shut her mouth and tells her that if she can't hack it, she can leave. But if she can, she can go back in the kitchen.

Back in the kitchen, someone is covering the garnish station, and Tennille just barely keeps it together when she shouts "Get off my station! ...please."

Back on the blue side, Jim's risotto continues to fail. Sous chef Scott is assigned to do the risotto for Jim so that the guys can get at least one appetizer out the door.

The red side are on entrees, and some chicken has vanished. Sabrina swears she brought it up, but Chef Ramsay does not have it. Huh. That's weird.

On the blue kitchen, Dave is jumped on for cooking the wrong garnish. Kevin tells him what to do, and Dave tells us that "When Kevin yells at me, I could give a [bleep]. It goes in one ear and out the other." Is that really something to brag about?

In the red kitchen, Sabrina has trouble carving the chicken. Chef Ramsay shouts at her to "Just cut it nicely! Don't butcher it!" I would like to point out that, in fact, butchers are very precise with their knives. If you want your chicken disassembled expertly, you would ask who? A butcher! So lay off them. Chef's Ramsay thinks it looks like a dog's dinner. Lucky dog!

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