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Sheer Heart Attack

Chef Ramsay gently explains that Robert is not there, and that it would be unfair to judge him since he wasn't in the kitchen. But he promises that if Robert isn't in the next service, he'll be out. So, Robert aside, who's weakest, Van? "I'd have to go with Andy tonight. He got a little flustered under pressure."

Fine. Sabrina, why should you stay? "I am a team player." Andy? "I own the piece of crap I did tonight." The person who lacks the passion and is leaving tonight is... Jim! Who wasn't even nominated! Swerved ya!

Gordon tells Jim that he can teach someone how to cook, but he can't give him a heart. Well, all right, then. Jim tells us that it wasn't fair, and that he never wavered on who he is. Whatever.

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