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Death of a Blowhard

The blue kitchen is probably enjoying the fact that Chef Ramsay can't pay as much attention to them, but he still has time to call out their orders and spot-check their food. They appear to do well.

After the food has gone out, the red team comes back to clean up. Then they're declared the losing team. Chef Ramsay sends them away to pick two nominees for elimination, telling them to "[bleep] off out of here. Leave me alone." Aww. Poor sad Gordon Ramsay.

They're in the patio. Scott sits back, resting his hands on his head, and calmly nominates Siobhan and Nilka. Nilka confronts him and asks for his reasons, and all he can do is "It just seemed like a lot of food came back, I don't know." Nilka points out that that only one risotto came back, and he switches his vote to Fran. He claims that unlike Fran, he's getting [bleep] done, but Fran isn't putting up with that. He emphasizes that he's the only one that works in fine dining, so his experience means that he's great. Everyone is skeptical of this claim.

Down in the dining room. Gordon asks Fran for the two nominees. She starts with Scott, who smirks and shakes his head as though to say "This crazy broad! Nominating me! Crazy, right?" She explains that Scott has totally fallen apart. The second nominee is apparently Fran herself, which she doesn't have an explanation for. Gordon asks her for an alternate, and she puts Siobhan forward, blaming her jitters. Gordon asks Nilka for an explanation for Fran's nomination over Siobhan, and Nilka says that Siobhan's a team player and that Fran's slower.

Gordon asks who the best chef on the red team is, and Scott announces that he is. Nilka disagrees, and the two of them argue. Scott goes back to his argument that "None of you guys work in fine dining restaurants," and Fran shoots back, "You could have surprised us, the way you've been producing," See, that's the problem with using the same line over and over again. Eventually, someone's going to come up with the perfect withering comeback.

Gordon has Fran, Scott, and Siobhan step forward. Fran, why should you stay? "I've got the guts." Siobhan? "I take pride in my work." Scott dumps on Siobhan for a bit. Okay, Scott, why are you up here? "I've had a tough couple services. I bust ass every day."

Gordon cuts him off. "I can't take it anymore!" Scott's out. Finally. He won't shut up, but at least his babbling will be off television.

But wait! Benjamin is sent over to the red team, and he's told to run the team. Jay claims that now he's in charge of the blue team. We'll see.

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