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Previously: Red Team sucked so bad both before and during a high school reunion dinner that Elise came out looking like the strongest cook on the team. The Blue Teammates fell way behind an early lead and had to have Red finish their service for them. Ramsay demanded Blue nominate not two, but three people. Alas, ultimately the cheese stood alone, and Monterray was eliminated.

We rejoin the teams after ol' Monty Burns Food leaves the competition. Jonathon, having been singled out, knows he needs to prove himself in the next few days. Over on Red, Krupa is getting wasted on cheap wine chugged straight from a full-sized glass. She yanks her pants up and parades her camel toe around the chefs' apartment as her competitors laugh at her. Eventually, Natalie unofficially cuts her off.

The next morning, Krupa isn't feeling 100% when everyone piles into the challenge. Ramsay presents them with a table full of delicious fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices. After the chefs volunteer what they would make with the ingredients, Ramsay brings out this week's guests judges, Hallie and Christina, who explain that they would make beer with anything on the table. They're beer sommeliers. As such, the contestants will be cooking with beer today. The chefs have 45 minutes to taste, conceive, and execute their dishes. Krupa in particular is still a little green around the gills and has a hard time focusing. Tommy and Jonathon seem especially comfortable with the challenge.

Before the chefs present, Ramsay tells Red Team they'll have to rank their dishes and eliminate the lowest one. Red immediately vetoes Krupa's dish, which angers her. Blue puts Paul's dish in the bottom. The fifth-place dishes present first. The judges enjoy Carrie's fillet with raspberry and stout sauce (which the ladies deemed "weird'). Paul's salmon with Hefeweizen broth is way too spicy and sends the judges into coughing fits. Red Team wins, and Ramsay deems it Carrie's best dish yet. Next up, Elise also prepared a salmon in Hefeweizen, which earns praise for its lightness. Jonathon takes the lid off his dish, and it's... a huge chunk of pineapple, a whole lotta fruit salsa, and -- somewhere in there -- some chicken. The sommeliers think it's too sweet and unbalanced. Red wins another point.

The tide shifts when Jennifer's Hefeweizen chicken and sausage stew looks like leftovers compared to Natalie's chocolate stout fillet. Elizabeth's amber mussels and clams are deemed too salty, and Will's lambic-infused venison loin wins the point. With that, the score is tied. Jamie's top-ranking dish, Hefeweizen-marinated duck with garlic and shallots, faces off against Tommy's duck in raspberry lambic with Brussels sprouts. Interestingly, the judges said they wanted to taste this very dish before Tommy presented it. They agree that it has a depth of flavor and a sweet-salty vibe they like. But was it enough? Indeed it was.

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