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Back on Blue, Jonathon offers up a Wellington with raw pastry. He throws Tommy under bus, and they have to refire every single Wellington at their station. This hold-up creates a serious backlog for the Blue kitchen, giving Red a chance to sort out their service and expand their lead yet more. Not satisfied with a pleasant, drama-free evening, Elise amps up the attitude and starts yelling at and ford all of her teammates. In her frustration, Krupa overcooks her Wellingtons.

This setback would give the Blue Team a chance to right its service. Except they suck too hard. In anger, Ramsay tells Jonathon and Natalie to fuck off and leave the kitchen. Jonathon takes it a step further and quits. Ramsay follows him out of the kitchen, but mainly to piss on Natalie some more and prove that a Ramsay tantrum always gets the last word. While Natalie wipes away her tears, Jonathon bitches about being the fall guy for Tommy's shoddy prep. Back in the kitchen, Blue Team is down to just Paul, Tommy, and Will. As they race against Red to complete service first, Ramsay welcomes Paul back to old form.

All the tickets go out, dinner service closes, and Ramsay reconvenes the contestants to announce tonight's losing team. Make that teams. Both teams have to nominate two of their own to leave tonight. Natalie scrambles desperately to fight her inevitable nomination. Likewise, Jonathon blames his screw-ups on Tommy. Children, you got kicked out of the kitchen. Accept your fate. Meanwhile, Krupa volunteers herself for nomination. Elise pipes up that Jamie should be nominated because Ramsay was yelling at her all night. Jamie laughs in her face and tells her to take responsibility for her mistakes, too. They go back and forth, and Jamie gets so made that she starts slamming tables on the ground. After Jennifer steps in to mediate, Jamie says she's done wasting her words on Elise.

The teams head downstairs to announce their nominations. Blue calls out Natalie and Jonathon. For Red, Carrie names Krupa and Jamie. She's obviously frustrated with this decision, and Ramsay picks up on it. He asks who she would have preferred to nominate, and she names Elise for her bossy attitude. Elise counters that Carrie is intimidated by her assertiveness and insists she was being proactive where others weren't. Ramsay agrees with her and ultimately spares Jamie. He also allows Jonathon and Natalie to stick around. Krupa is dismissed. After she leaves, Ramsay tells the teams, "You're not done..."

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