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Kimmie tells Ramsay it's just because she's comfortable with ribeye, and she explains it to us, as she always does for everything, that's it because she's from the south.

The teams get to work, and they have just half an hour to prepare. Royce beats chest over how hard he's going to beat Christina, who seems to be feeling general pressure, not so much angry-Royce pressure. And then: good god, do we have to check in with ALL the contestants? None has anything interesting to say, and the only question seems to be whether Clemenza is going to get his dish to the pass in time. But that's really only because the competition doesn't appear to have any drama going on, so they play up the deadline countdown. I haven't watched every season, but I know that of the ones I have, I've never seen a chef not get the meal to the pass in time.

Anyway, Red still has to decide between Kimmie's and Robyn's ribeyes, so the teammates taste-test and go with Robyn's, which to Kimmie's mind just means they had their minds made up ahead of time. And -- oh, god, she's starting to cry again, something she does an awful lot for a self-professed rappin' Memphis hood gangsta.

Tiffany and Justin face off with the filets. Justin comes up with a truffle thing with chorizo zucchini cake or whatever -- Ramsay loves it. Tiffany stuffed the filet with chorizo and zucchini, which Ramsay calls "dangerous" because the filet is the Rolls-Royce of cuts. He seems to like it though, but gives the edge to blue, and calls Justin's dish his best so far.

Christina and Royce bring up their hanger steaks. Ramsay loves Christina's, marinated in lime juice and red pepper, although he calls the clump of yams a dull mess. Royce works in a steakhouse, though, so he thinks he's got it nailed: he's pan-seared the crab cake with a port wine buerre blanc. Ramsay thinks it's looks pretty good, and everything is done well, except for the undercooked slice of grilled eggplant. He awards a point to Red, so things are tied. "Poor Royce. I feel really bad for him," Christina tells us, before shaking her head.

Flat iron steak, Dana versus Patrick. Dana: grilled steak with sautéed spinach, cabernet reduction with wild mushrooms. Ramsay says it looks a mess and drains off the sauce. He tastes it, calls it ragged and dry, adds that it's her worst-performing dish so far. Patrick's entry is seared steak with roasted wild mushroom and red potato hash. Ramsay makes him taste how salty it is, pointing out the blue cheese would naturally salt things anyway. No points awarded, and Ramsay calls both their dishes ill-conceived. Patrick tells us his wife is always telling him that he salts too much, so he's sure he's going to hear about this one.

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