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After a final commercial break, Ramsay asks Tiffany again if she cares. She says she does, and he asks her on a scale of one to ten how much. Tiffany, being not very bright, says, "Like, a nine," and Ramsay covers his face with his hand.

Anyway, Robyn says she has more fight in her, and then she claims she has standards that she "drops off" sometimes because she's trying to save someone else. "Whose ass are you saving?" asks Ramsay. Naturally, she says Kimmie. And she blasts a little hate at Christina, too, because Christina can't believe this mess. Robyn says she hates Red's cattiness and that she'd rather be on Blue. (All the members of Blue studiously avoid eye contact.)

After Robyn yells something about giving two-hundred-and-fifty percent, Ramsay says, "Oh my god, this is insane." He reminds Red that they had success after success, and now look at them.

"My decision is: Tiffany and Royce, back in line," he says. That's bad news for Patrick, because this show likes to keep the tension cranked by keeping catalysts like Robyn around.

Patrick surrenders his jacket. "It's not happening. Or if it is, it's not happening fast enough," says Ramsay. They shake hands, and Patrick leaves. "I had high expectations going into this," says Patrick. He figures his family will be disappointed, but at least he gets to go home and see them.

Back in the dining room, Ramsay says based on tonight's performance, he's not done yet. But I'm not going to be fooled again. The Red team now has two more members than Blue, so when he calls Robyn forward to give up her jacket, you know she's headed for Blue. Blue's faces are hard to read. Brian looks like he's nodding in resignation, but he slaps Robyn five as she joins them, so maybe he's just trying to make the best of it.

Ramsay warns Robyn that if she complains about Blue the way she's done about Red, he'll be looking at her and her alone. "Yesss! Good luck to the Blue team!" crows Kimmie. Clemenza, meanwhile, is hoping Robyn will have something to prove to the Red team that they can harness. Robyn tells us she works better with men anyway.

"Patrick talked a good game, but he couldn't back it up with his cooking. So it was time for him to leave Hell's Kitchen," Ramsay tells us.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. At the rate we're eliminating contestants, we could be watching Hell's Kitchen until Christmas this year. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel[at]gmail.com.

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