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The Return of Francisco

Andrea starts running around demanding things from other stations, and Carol has to tell her to back off because the fries aren't ready yet. We see kids playing foosball. Francisco comes up behind Jean-Phillipe with a cake (with a basketball on it), and tells JP to turn around. When he does, the cake falls to the ground. Well, it was a dumb-looking cake anyway. Sorry, Max. Anyway, they have a staged argument and a couple of enterprising youngsters sneak up to taste the cake. Hey, kids love to poke dead things. And if those dead things are made out of cake, so much the better!

Both teams are on desserts. They seem to go fairly smoothly. Dinner service is completed. Gordon tells Max he's got "a very stunning little surprise for you." See, this is where Gordon's verbal tics run into each other. I'm not sure you can have a "little surprise" that's "very stunning". This is where I would mention RuPaul's Drag Race again, but that would be inappropriate. We're in the middle of a bar mitzvah!

Anyway, the surprise is the Harlem Globetrotters. Do the kids today dig the Globetrotters? Aren't they all into the And1 tour? Anyway, Robert makes the required Scooby Doo reference, and the Clown Princes of Dunk goof around with Max. It's all good fun.

As the chefs clean their stations after service (which we never see!), Andrea and Carol clear the air. Well, it starts that way, but then Carol tells Andrea she wants to punch her in the neck. Well, she wanted to. Past tense. That still seems to bother Andrea, and that's where the peace talks ended.

The teams are lined up in front of Chef Ramsay, and he declares it a successful dinner service. Both teams were pretty even, so he's grading them on their level of determination. I don't know what that means. But the blue team wins. Chef Ramsay says that Andrea bounced back and should pick two nominees. Then he tells everyone to piss off.

In the dorms, Carol and LA are theatrically disbelieving that Andrea would be considered the strongest from that night. When Andrea joins them, she informs Carol that it is inappropriate to tell someone you want to punch them in the throat. Instead of quibbling about the difference between "neck" and "throat", Carol just serenely says, "Well, I'm sorry you feel that way." Strangely, this does not soothe Andrea, nor does it stop her from pontificating about throat-punching. Paula claims that all of them were exactly equal.

In the dining room, the women are arranged roughly tallest to shortest, with Coi on the left and LA over on the right. The blue team watches with glee. Andrea, who are you nominating? "I still don't know if I've made my decision, chef." What? Gordon: "Are you [bleep]ing kidding me?" He does not like people who try to duck out of their responsibilities. He asks again, and Andrea's answer is "Um..." He asks again, and the pause takes us to the commercial break.

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