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The Return of Francisco

Hey! This ad for the Hell's Kitchen video game includes a mention of how to enter to win a meal in Hell's Kitchen! I'm entering that. Say, if any producers are reading this, I'd happily fly myself down to Los Angeles to see what the dining experience is like.

We're back. Andrea is still fumfering. She eventually nominates Coi and LA. Aw, man. All the easy-to-type names are going! Andrea accuses LA of giving 90%, not 110%. Instead of arguing about math (which is what I would do, and I acknowledge that it isn't always appropriate), LA insists that she does too give 110% every time. Coi says she's a team player, and tells Chef Ramsay that she feels that Andrea was the worst tonight. Chef Ramsay accuses her of playing mind games, but asks LA, Carol, and Paula what they think. LA and Carol say Andrea, but Paula says Coi. Chef Ramsay sends Coi home. Coi is angry because she feels she's better than Andrea. LA vows to take charge in the kitchen. Lacey says the red team is a bunch of bitches who will attack each other. Chef Ramsay tells us that Coi was sent home because she couldn't cook a burger.

Next week: Lacey quits, "and this time, it might be for real!" Hmm. That's not so compelling. Also, Robert promises to become a crack whore. Huh.

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