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Kids, the secret words for the day are: "Staff Sgt. Otis James"

After Lovely's been sent home, Tek complains about being counted out. The chefs are still milling about at 1:15 AM, and Dave is having trouble microwaving a chicken pot pie because of his busted thumb. You know how sometimes on Top Chef, someone will make a big deal about being so classy and upscale that they don't even know how to operate a microwave? There's none of that here, apparently, because the chefs are being fed on frozen dinners.

The next morning, the chefs are arranged in the dining room for the news. Staff Sgt. Otis James, fresh off a 30-month Marine Corps tour of duty in Iraq, is going to be the guest of honor for "the most amazing" dinner the next day. And we're going to be hearing the name Staff Sgt. Otis James a lot. So each team is set to create one "stunning" appetizer and two "stunning" entrees, and Gordon and Mrs. Staff Sgt. Otis James will pick a winner.

But first, Gordon wants to see Robert and Suzanne in his office. Mrs. Staff Sgt. Otis James explains that her husband likes seafood, shrimp and baked potatoes. Man, me too! Robert gets her to admit that she likes Southern food, and Suzanne learns that grilled lobster tail is a favorite. Robert and Suzanne go down to join their teams with instructions to share the information.

Suzanne appears to reject the catfish in the pantry, while Robert likes it. Robert is also emphatic that Staff Sgt. Otis James wants beef. Beef! Robert tries to recommend a double-baked potato, but they don't really have time. Kevin (who's working on a seafood-potato appetizer of some sort) interviews that Robert did a good job of providing a direction but not trying to make each person do a specific thing. On the red side, Suzanne, unsurprisingly, is micromanaging her team, telling each person what to be doing. Tennille is frustrated that Suzanne won't say something like "he likes baked potatoes," rather than her more specific angle of "you need to sauté the bacon and then toss the spinach in and hold it." Well, Suzanne's getting on her teammates' nerves here, but if she turns out to be right about what Staff Sgt. Otis James likes, she'll be a hero. I think the rest of the red team would prefer it if Suzanne acted like a peer, rather than someone who's already the executive chef.

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