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Tek and Tennille, step forward. Also Amanda. Tennille, why should you stay? Bleep, bleep, bleep. "Don't you see how pissed off I am?" Tennille gets sent back to the line. Tek, why should you stay? "I know that I have it in me to have these successes." Also, she's passionate about food. Amanda? "I know I can get more vocal." What? Amanda starts crying and promises that she's not done. Chef Ramsay doesn't see anything left in Amanda, but she promises that she's not done. Anyway, Tek's sent home. Obviously.

Tek tells us that she's "a crazy, bad-ass girl." Well, okay. Are you sure you weren't looking for a roller derby reality show? Because that sounds more like what you're looking for. Tennille shouts at us in an interview some more: "I don't trust none of 'em! I'm not playin' no more! From now on, it's Tennille time! For all y'all. Sit on it." Sit on it? Good one, Potsie.

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Hell's Kitchen




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