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Bringing the Cheesecake

The next day, we're finally ready for another dinner service. And tonight's "first time ever" gimmick is barbecue. Both teams start on the prep. Nilka and Benjamin are both pretty excited about doing barbecue. And then, at 2:01 PM, Nilka announces that the chicken is frying up perfectly. Isn't it a little early for that? Gordon Ramsay certainly thinks it is, and he tells the red team that they're supposed to be fine-dining barbecue, not fast food. Don't cook the food before someone orders it! When he's done, Chef Ramsay tries to rile up Nilka by accusing her of sulking, but she doesn't bite.

Wait! We've got another "first time ever" gimmick! The restaurant has been overbooked (whatever that means in this case) so they'll be doing a double seating. The red team will cook while the blue team serves, then they'll switch. Gotcha. Here we go!

The dinner starts at 5:00 PM to make time for the second service. They're got a hard time limit of two hours. The first appetizers are Maria's crabs, and they're raw. And she's not particularly communicative when she's asked when the new ones will be ready. Meanwhile, Salvatore is out in the dining room. You remember that time Salvatore was in the front of the house and got yelled at so much that he wanted to quit? Let's see if it happens again! He brings up an unreadable ticket, and Chef Ramsay asks disbelievingly if he ever went to school. Salvatore explains that no, he did not go to school. He was always working because his family needed him. The wind is out of Chef's Ramsay's sails, and he just thanks Salvatore for his honesty.

There's a communication breakdown when Nilka doesn't hear Fran and then takes offense at Fran yelling. See, I don't think that works. If you claim you didn't hear someone, you can't get mad when they raise their voice, you know? There's a bunch of shouting, but not the good kind of communicative shouting. No one listens to Chef Ramsay when he calls out an order. Only Fran is taking care of business on the appetizers.

Out in the kitchen, Autumn is "helpfully" suggesting to customers that she could bring food back to the kitchen if it's not perfect. And in an interview, she admits that that's what she's doing. Siobhan sadly refires two burgers.

Scott brings up some fried chicken, which is apparently cooked to [bleep]ing [bleep]. Chef Ramsay gets very angry and roars at him about leaving his oven door open, which is something Chef Ramsay would prefer he not do. I guess it's risky. Chef Ramsay says that they're the most dangerous kitchen in the country. Well, people do get injured a lot on this show. But back to the cooking: Siobhan has a couple of nearly raw burgers on the last order of the night. Chef Ramsay demonstrates this with his new favorite technique of slamming his hand down on them so raw meat splatters everywhere. I guess he's not that into health and safety.

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