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Bringing the Cheesecake

Chef Ramsay announces that he's shutting down the kitchen. Shut it down! They missed out on the last table, although I think that means there are tables that just got their entrees that are now being hustled out the door so "new" people can be brought in.

Switch places! The blue team is now cooking. It's 8:00 now, and I don't know what went on between 7:00 and 8:00. Nilka does not enjoy being a waitress and finds it complicated and annoying. It is! At 8:10, the first order makes it into the kitchen, and Jay's appetizers work well. We're already on entrees! But Salvatore doesn't answer anyone, which is the primary sin here. Apparently he doesn't like having a bunch of different people shouting at him, but that's what happens when he doesn't answer the first person.

Front-of-house drama: there are three different tickets all claiming to be for table 33. That doesn't sound ideal, especially since one of them already went to the kitchen. My recommendation would be to quickly label the other two "33A" and "33B" and figure out what table they're actually for after handing them to Chef Ramsay. In fact, it appears that both Holli and Maria both took that table's order, so two Tables 33 are the same. [And the people at Table 33 are dillweeds for ordering twice. - Zach] Chef Ramsay shouts at them for being bad waitresses. Which they never said they were good at, so I don't care.

Back to the subject of the show: Autumn has some cold ribs. It's because of all that time she spent in a bikini in the first part of the episode. Come on, you know that line was awesome.

Maria has screwed up another order, so the table sends back the food they got. But that seems less relevant than the fact that Jason has dropped a piece of fried chicken in the same basket that was already cooking fries. Shout, shout, shout. Commercial. Repeat shout, repeat shout, repeat shout. There are ten minutes to go, and that results in a flurry of surprisingly competent cooking. With one minute to go, Jason says he needs three minutes. He doesn't get it. That's time!

The teams are lined up in the kitchen for the post-service dressing-down. Chef Ramsay is very, very disappointed in everyone. The red team loses, although Fran impressed Chef Ramsay. Two nominees will be selected for elimination, and it's not clear whether it's supposed to be a consensus or just Fran. Up in the dorms, Maria admits that she had a bad service, and Scott agrees emphatically. She points out that he also stunk, and he gets a bit condescending: "The difference is, I put in a hard-ass effort from the start and you didn't." Fran says that she has to put two up and they'll just have to fight. Everyone says they don't want to go home.

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