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Whenever I Eat Hawaiian Food, I'm Always Hungry an Hour Later

Elise gets us to a great start by bragging about how she's become so much more humble since she's been here. Also, her grasp of irony is unparalleled! I don't know when that interview took place, but it's juxtaposed with her all but popping some champagne after not being eliminated. This rubs a couple of the other women the wrong way, especially Jennifer, who points out that Gina just got sent home without getting a chance to defend herself, so it's not really celebration time. Elise, meanwhile, is screaming, "I'm a killah!"

The next morning, Ramsay gleefully announces that everyone's starting with a clean slate, because for the first time ever they're hosting a high school reunion, Culver City High class of '91. I'm not sure how the two are connected. Jamie starts talking about how much she loved high school, because she met all her best friends there, and she wishes she could go back. Hey, I loved high school too, but I don't think I've ever met anyone interesting who wants to go back to high school. Paul sure doesn't, because he points out that anyone who thinks that high school years are the best years of your life never went to college. Translation: He lost his virginity in college, not high school.

Anyway, the reunion committee members are going to be discussing the menu with Elizabeth and Paul. Carrie, feeling cocky simply because she sucked less yesterday, calls Elizabeth a space cadet. Will, meanwhile, has nothing but confidence in Paul, which is surprising, because Paul doesn't even wear a backwards baseball cap, so I'm not sure how much it is possible for Will to trust him.

So Paul and Elizabeth meet with the three committee members, who are somewhat aggressively banal in their wish to "recreate a luau" with maybe pork and scallops. One of the members declares she only eats fish, so it comes off as a big faux pas when Elizabeth asks how she feels about doing some surf 'n' turf. Paul says Elizabeth daydreams, and Elizabeth says she hasn't cooked a lot of Hawaiian but Asian is very similar. Oh. Oh, no. Oh, this isn't going to go well for the Red Team at all.

So the chefs head back down to the kitchen, where each team has forty-five minutes to create a tasting menu while the committee members go back to discussing who got fat and who went bald.

And Elizabeth reports to her team that they "definitely said they wanted Asian" and they discuss bacon-wrapped scallops, and Jennifer suggests sliced roasted pork tenderloin. Jamie suggests Asian noodles, which Elizabeth pooh-poohs in favor of lentils, which Jamie points out aren't really Asian. This leads Jamie to suspect Elizabeth didn't have the right information, or at least it does now that she's doing an interview afterwards with the benefit of hindsight.

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