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Unfortunately, despite the tantalizing promise of violence, Carrie's the one to break the standoff, and not a single hair gets pulled. Jamie points out the irony in getting ready to host a high school reunion, with two of the women acting like they're in high school. Given that this is how they act EVERY SINGLE DAY, I'm not exactly sure just how much irony we're talking about here. Anyway, the cake looks like a glowing green piece of garbage, so Carrie volunteers to plaster it with flowers so it doesn't look so fucking gross. It can look like a flower-covered glowing green piece of garbage.

Only when Ramsay comes in for his pre-service pep rally, his praise for the well-decorated restaurant gives way to confusion and disgust when he sees the flower-bedecked monstrosity of a three-layer cake that looks more like a DayGlo Dr. Suess sombrero that someone vomited and shit on. The Blue Team is openly laughing at the thing, too, and Ramsay, strangely not apoplectic, says they're definitely not serving it. He orders Scott to take it away.

Even James comes in for some minor Ramsay pique when he prepares to open Hell's kitchen wearing a giant white lei. "You look ridiculous," Ramsay tells him, looking really unhappy about it.

The high school reunion crowd streams into Hell's Kitchen, and Will threatens to "rock the bitch." Jennifer's a little worried, because they're serving Blue dishes (yeah, that were made once, yesterday) so the men know them better. Indeed, Blue seems to be cruising while Red looks disorganized and confused. Carrie delivers a couple of salads too early for Krupa's potstickers, and an angry Ramsay makes them start over when Krupa can't deliver in time.

Blue Team has moved onto entrees, but Paul's first fish entrée is cold and raw in the middle, so Ramsay slams it on the counter. Well, at least its splatter index looks pretty good! "I'm struggling, Paul! I don't expect that from you! Not TONIGHT!" yells Ramsay. He's got a restaurant full of cougars looking to relive their high school years, so he doesn't want anything fucking it up.

The Blue Team starts over, but the Red Team's not finished getting out their appetizers. Ramsay demands to know who's going to lead them, and eventually Elise volunteers, because it means she gets to yell at people. They finish up the appetizers, and things seem to be going better.

Monterray, having finished up with apps, decides to jump in and help out on the garnish station, earning Ramsay's ire for putting the broccolini in cold oil in a cold pan. That's going to make it all greasy, Ramsay yells at him, and then Ramsay gets even more pissed off when Monterray throws it in the garbage.

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