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Whenever I Eat Hawaiian Food, I'm Always Hungry an Hour Later

Red side: Carrie's working quickly, but cutting corners to do so, pissing off Ramsay by putting old rice in with the fresh rice. She says she'll start over. "Dump that pan and start over!" yells Elise, because a good way to lead is to show your boss that you can yell some instructions at someone after they've already said they're going to do what you are now yelling at them. "She wants to cut corners, and you wonder why I'm pissed off," Ramsay says to Elise, who innocently says, "No, chef," because someone being pissed off at Carrie does not fill her with wonder at all. "Another name for your restaurant: Chez Leftovers," says Ramsay, and Carrie meekly has to take it.

On the Blue side, Paul brings up a second raw snapper, and Ramsay is extra-special nuclear pissed off because it's supposed to go to the committee's table. He orders Paul off the fish and puts Monterray and Jonathon on instead.

Elizabeth, looking to redeem herself after being an idiot yesterday, delivers some perfect snapper to Ramsay. This is while James is apologizing to the committee table, sitting there with sad, snapper-free Blue plates. Monterray's pissed because Jonathon is stepping back "like a stray dog with its tail between its legs" so he does his best -- which means bringing up yet another raw snapper. Ramsay gathers everyone around to feel the rawness, and Monterray starts to stomp off in disgust, which only pisses Ramsay off more. "Where's your respect? Get out!" he yells. The team starts to file out, except for Jonathon, who asks if a couple can stay, to try to get something done. "Piss off," an exasperated Ramsay tells him.

Jonathon says it's the second time he's been kicked out of a kitchen: "That really hurts my fuckin' feelings," he says, which is sort of amusing in its profane wussiness.

Ramsay tells the Red Team they're going to have to clean up after Blue Team, so they get that little boost from knowing that their competition got kicked out, and the entrees start getting pumped out in short order.

The Blue Team's on the patio, with Jonathon telling Monterray it's time for him to go, with Monterray countering that Jonathon isn't exactly displaying the skills to pay the bills himself. Monterray's sitting on a weight machine, figuring now's as good a time as any to blast his quads or whatever the hell.

Back in the restaurant, the meals have been served, so Ramsay parades the Red Team out for applause from the guests, and out come the hula dancers. Elise says the hula dancing looked cool, and notes that you can even do it with love handles, and she catches herself. "I'm just saying," she finishes, rather cutely. There's also flame-juggling. "That's our next challenge," Elizabeth jokes to Carrie, who giggles because everyone's friends again in the afterglow of victory.

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