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Meanwhile, Jonathon and Monterray are still bickering (the rest of the team seethes silently), with Jonathon annoyed because Monterray kept yammering after he left. "Where I come from, a bitch move like that, you wouldn't last five minutes in my neighborhood," he says. Anyone else feel a little uncomfortable when the Southerner explains that the black guy wouldn't last five minutes in his neighborhood?

Anyway, Jonathon stomps back in, calling out Monterray for waiting until he walked away to say anything (which is not true) and wants to know if Monterray now wants to back it up. Monterray points out that he said it to his face, too, because he's a "grown-ass man." (sigh) Doesn't it go without saying yet that if you call yourself "grown-ass" that you're not really one? The rest of the team sit silently and let Monterray and Jonathon self-destruct.

When the teams reassemble in the restaurant, their nominees are Monterray and Paul, for fish-station-related mischief. Ramsay calls the two of them forward, bringing Jonathon up for good measure.

"Paul, that was one of the worst dinner services I've ever witnessed," Ramsay tells him, and Paul says he's sick to his stomach over what happened, since he ruined someone's twenty-year reunion, and he gets increasingly vociferous about how he won't ever disintegrate again, and Ramsay orders him back in line, but it may have been just to shut him up.

As for the other two? Jonathon says he's a better chef than Monterray because he communicates better. Monterray says he's got more experience...oh, and he's got better knife skills. Judging from the Blue Team members shaking their heads, they want Monterray gone. Jonathon takes exception to the "knife skills" comment, saying he hasn't cut himself once. "It's hard to cut yourself when you're just marinating meat all day, playing with meat," says Monterray. Monterray's taking on water pretty badly at this point, and Ramsay doesn't waste a whole lot of time putting Monterray out of his misery. Monterray shakes his hand, and Ramsay says he appreciates the effort, and the Blue Team even sends Monterray out with a little applause, so that was nice. He still thinks Jonathon should have been eliminated. "If I'd have known that staying in the background and not cooking anything was the key to staying in Hell's Kitchen, I'd have been did that from the start." Hee! I'm going to say, "I'd have been did that" a lot more from now on.

To the survivors, Ramsay tells them it doesn't matter what they did before Hell's Kitchen, just what they do inside it. He dismisses them with a relatively tame "Get out of here" and offers a weak "Monterray flunked the test" epitaph to tie in to the high school theme.

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