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Things Fall Apart

They file back into the kitchen, and Ramsay asks Brian for the first nominee. "First nominee is myself, chef," he says. Ramsay's absolutely gobsmacked, and Brian, no dummy, makes sure his tone of voice has an appropriate "I know" incredulity to it, as he explains, with a shrug, that it was explained that his screwing up the first ticket was what slowed them down. "That doesn't make any sense," says Ramsay.

Anyway, the second nominee is Clemenza. "Whaaaat? I don't understand that," says Ramsay, adding that the appetizers weren't the stumbling block. He says Brian and Clemenza don't deserve to be up there, but we'll wait until after commercial to find out who does.

Ramsay calls Roshni and Patrick, meat and fish. Patrick says he keeps the team on track and on point, and has a lot more to offer. Roshni says she has improved since joining Blue. "Tough one tonight," says Ramsay, and then starts going to the Blue team to ask who he should send home. Justin: "Roshni." Brian: "Roshni." Royce: "Patrick." Clemenza: "Roshni, on what I've seen two days on our team." Roshni angrily -- and tearfully -- reminds him that she and Brian finished dinner service on their own the first night, after everyone else got kicked out. Red applauds their former teammate. Seriously, Clemenza should be looking to send Patrick home. Bad move by Clemenza.

"The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is ... Roshni," says Ramsay. He asks for her jacket, tells her she's got a lot of heart and to keep her head up high. Roshni tells us she's disappointed because she never got involved in all the drama, and was just there to be the best but never got a chance to prove it.

Ramsay sends Patrick back in line, and warns them not to fuck with him, before sending them off. With Blue team, yet again, walking off full of doubt and anger at each other, Red team is high-fiving. At least until they get back into the dorms, where Robyn's mouth will find a way to cause some tension.

"Roshni is a small lady with a big heart. Unfortunately, her performance tonight matched her stature," Ramsay tells us. Yeah, plus Roshni was likeable, which is clearly more and more a liability on this show.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. He's pretty sure Royce's Hair and Lobster Crap dish isn't going to catch on. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel[at]gmail.com.

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