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The Case of the Hungry Sumo Wrestlers

With the food purchased and the teams back at the kitchen, each team has an hour to make three dishes. We're told that Chef Ramsay has the teams split into pairs, so two chefs will work on each dish. Lacey is teamed with Ben, who immediately sets in to micromanaging her, telling her how to set up her station, fold a towel, and so on. In an interview, it appears that Lacey doesn't need any instructions on how to roll her eyes in exasperation. She's got that one pretty much down. The other two blue pairs seem to go okay, with Robert dubbing himself and Danny "Fatman Slim".

On the red side, Andrea explains to Chef Ramsay that their seafood dish is "tuna wrapped in seaweed". Chef Ramsay seems to think that that's not "Asian-fusion" so much as it is "Asian Entirely Traditional". He tells them to make it not boring, which Paula seems to think will be difficult. The tuna does look pretty good. LA tells Paula to make a lemon aioli to bring some non-Asian influence.

Lacey is given no work to do on the blue side. So she's chopping onions and crying about it. I mean, metaphorically she's whining a bit, but I figure, you know, with the onion-chopping and all. Crying. Look, never mind, okay? I try to make a cute little joke and you all just stare blankly at me. Let's just move on.

The chefs present their dishes to Chef Ramsay. He will be helped out by Tanya Steel, Editor-in-Chief of epicurious.com. Andrea enthuses about this, saying "Who doesn't know who this is?" Answer: Giovanni, for one. The winning team's dishes will be featured on the website I already mentioned once.

For the red team, Carol and Coi have a pomegranate-cinnamon-glazed chicken breast. Carol chose pomegranate because "it's a nice, fruity ... fruit?" It's boring and dry, but nice. Robert and Danny have a Pad Thai BBQ Chicken and they win. Sounds nice and fusiony. And it was on a stupid plate, which always helps. Paula and LA have Ahi Tuna Tempura, which we're told is perfectly cooked. Ben and Lacey have pan-seared scallops, which we're told is mushy. The red team wins.

Andrea and Colleen have a Kobe Beef Sashimi with a Korean sauce. Yum! Apparently it has too much red pepper flakes in it, to which I again say Yum! J and Giovanni has "A beef, uh, uh, uhh, uhh...." Finally, Giovanni has to tell J it's a Beef Pizzaioka. It has undercooked rice. Tanya (and her cleavage) select the red team as the winners. They are happy. Robert blames the decision on the secret brotherhood of women. On reflection, he changes that to "sisterhood", which you'll have to admit makes more sense. For their prize, the women will be packing something.

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