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The Case of the Hungry Sumo Wrestlers

It turns out he's not actually throwing Robert out of the kitchen. He just wants to give him a little pep talk. You know, make sure that Robert's got his head in the game and isn't freaking out. Unfortunately, Robert is completely freaking out, and being shouted at by Gordon Ramsay doesn't seem to be helping. In an interview, Robert claims that it took great self-control not to go off on Chef Ramsay. And then he moons the camera, telling Ramsay to kiss his ass. Great. Thanks for that. In the kitchen, Ramsay is up in Robert's face, telling him (accurately) that "you look like one sulky, pissed-off cook."

On the red side, Andrea is falling behind on the meat station and is apparently just calling out "four minutes!" whenever anyone asks for anything, no matter how long it will actually take. When she's pressed by Carol, she says six minutes, but immediately says two minutes to Chef Ramsay. And the thing is, she knows she's screwing up.

A couple hours into dinner service, there's a lull in entrees. J gets yelled at when it's been 14 minutes since an entree has left. Other members of the blue team are begging J to tell them it's okay to bring their stuff to the pass, but he seems to have forgotten to cook the lamb. So it's not. Lacey is in control right here, by the way; her station is up-to-date and she's communicating with the other people. The breakdown is J's.

The red team has moved onto desserts (the first time we've seen desserts served this season, although I think they were just editing them out before), and there's a pear dish that's served rock hard. And the customer is Tanya Steel, whom you might remember from earlier this episode. Apparently, Colleen just didn't notice that she was serving raw pear inside raw pasta. Chef Ramsay starts cursing, but it's sort of a bleak, despairing kind of profanity, like he can't believe it's come to this. He can't even work up the energy for invective. He shuts down the kitchens as JP tries to bring more food back.

The chefs are assembled in the kitchen for a postgame shouting. Chef Ramsay asks Robert why he can't look Gordon in the eye, and Robert asks to talk to him about it privately. Ramsay brushes that off and says that due to the terrible meat stations on both teams, there will be no winning team. Giovanni and LA did well, so they are to nominate one person each.

In the dorms, Robert talks about his reaction to Gordon calling him "Bobby." "It's like another male figure in your life that you're supposed to respect that treats you like [bleep]. I know he had the same kinda childhood." Yeah, but he kind of channeled that into a crazy competitive drive to succeed, right? There's a phone call and Robert is called to Gordon's office.

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