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The Case of the Hungry Sumo Wrestlers

In the office, Gordon calls Robert "Bobby" before asking him to sit down. Robert explains his issues with being called by his father's name and says that in the instant he's being told to look Gordon in the eye, he's reliving his whole childhood. Ramsay apologizes for calling him "Bobby" and says he wishes he'd had that brought to his attention earlier. They shake hands and Robert leaves, presumably feeling relieved.

The red team is confabbing and Andrea admits that she [bleep]ed up. She promises not to hold it against LA if she goes up. It seems like LA likes Andrea more than Colleen, who is her other option.

J is sitting alone [bleep]ing up a storm. He feels that he did a very poor job and wouldn't be surprised to be put up. Giovanni knows only one thing: he can't put up Lacey, because she kicked ass. Robert thinks it's either him or J.

Down in the dining room, LA puts up Andrea because neither the cooking nor the communication was good. Giovanni puts up J for being lousy the whole night. Chef Ramsay asks who else he had, and Giovanni admits that Robert was just a fraction better, but "that fraction saved him." "Does it?" muses Ramsay as we go to commercial.

This is where my Tivo cuts off. Or it would be, if I hadn't noticed that Idol was cutting into the timeslot.

J and Andrea are called forward. J, why should you stay? "I have the skills and I've got the talent." Wow, both at once? Andrea? "I want the opportunity to be back on that meat station and I want to nail it from beginning to end." That sounds vaguely dirty, doesn't it?

The person who leaves is J. Damn. I liked him because he had a nice short name that was easy to spell. No, wait. They're both being sent back to their teams. And we see a shocked reaction shot from Lacey that they've already used at least once tonight. So who's leaving? Chef Ramsay calls on Robert... to focus better. Then he calls on Colleen... to go home! Again we see that Gordon Ramsay doesn't care who you nominate; he will send home whoever he feels like.

Chef Ramsay praises Colleen's tenacity a little, while not saying anything about her cooking ability. Various chefs act relieved to still be in the competition.

Next week: a bar mitzvah. And fire!

Montykins thinks it's cheating to say "The person going home... is... J... get back in line." You wouldn't see Seacrest changing sentences in the middle like that. Monty also has a blog devoted to Movie Novelizations, cleverly entitled Monty on Movie Novelizations. You can email him at montykins@gmail.com if that's your idea of a good time.

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