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Farewell, My Lovely

Dave continues to be sad out on the porch, then goes up to Gordon's office. Gordon says that it would be a shame for Dave to go out from a ligament tear, which suggests that Gordon doesn't care enough about Dave or this show to find out what's actually wrong. Gordon points out that it's Dave's weaker hand that's hurt. So what's Dave's decision? Dave claims to have many thoughts running through his head, although his vacant expression makes that hard to believe. Dave decides to get a cast on his hand and stay. So that's what's happening. He tells his team that he'll be able to give the team 100% I guess the extra 10% they usually add on is provided by the thumb on the weak hand. Good to know!

The chefs (except for Dave, who's off to the hospital to get a cast) line up in the kitchen for the night's pregame ceremonies. There will again be a greeter on each team, who will be "greeting, introducing a small amuse-bouche, serving, then back on the section." It's Ariel and Jim. Chef Ramsay wants enthusiasm and quickness. Let's go!

There are stars in the restaurant tonight! Drew Lachey! John O'Hurley! Tom Green (who has a glass of wine as he enters the building)! Melinda Clarke (Lady Heather from CSI! Woo woo! Oh, and she was on The O.C.)! Chris Reid, who was "Kid" from Kid 'n Play! Kristy Swanson! Man, this show makes Kathy Griffin's show look A-List! How come a stand-up comedian's reality show on Bravo has people like Lily Tomlin and Salman Rushdie, and the network show has the second-best Buffy and a recurring Seinfeld character? [Ahem. I believe John O'Hurley is currently the host of a little game show known as "the Feud"? - Zach]

Orders flow in from Drew Lachey and Dwight Freeney (from the NFL). Nothing can leave until the amuse-bouche go, which means that Ariel and Jim have to rush out. Unfortunately, Jim is slow. Van accurately describes Jim as a lollygagger. Robert says that Jim is so slow, he reminds him of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Hey, that's not fair. Shaggy could go pretty fast, especially when a ghost was involved. Sometimes he'd run so fast, you couldn't even see his legs! I'm treated to the sight of Tom Green looking bored. Jim interviews that he doesn't see the need for speed: "You want me to run around? For what? It all gets done." That's the spirit!

The red team is on appetizers, and Tennille is doing risotto. Suzanne is at her elbow telling her to take deep breaths and calm down, and I really would not be surprised to see Tennille punch her in the face. The risotto is acceptable. Tek's capellini (which I misspelled throughout the finale; sorry about that) is also good. People are being served food! In Hell's Kitchen! Unfortunately, John O'Hurley sends his pasta back with a labored salt lick analogy. Tek appears to panic, and Tennille takes over. The replacement capellini is approved by Mr. O'Hurley. So the red team's appetizers are going fine.

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