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Farewell, My Lovely

After dinner, the chefs are lined up in the kitchen for a postmortem. Chef Ramsay tells them they were beaten by the side dishes, and Suzanne raises her hand. She'd like a play-by-play on that. I don't know what she means, exactly, but those were her words. Chef Ramsay clarifies: "First of all, I'm telling you straight to your face. You lost." He assigns Sabrina to pick "two individuals that you think have no future in Hell's Kitchen." Suzanne interviews that she might go home for questioning Chef Ramsay. Up in the dorms, as the blue team rejoices in their victory, Robert imitates Chef Ramsay: "Here's a play-by-play for you. You're a dumb bitch." All the guys enjoy this very much. Van looks like he's going to hurt himself laughing.

Lovely and Tek talk to Sabrina separately to plead their cases. Sabrina thinks Tek will probably go home.

Down in the dining room, Sabrina's first nominee is Tek for losing momentum. "It was difficult to watch, Chef." Her second nominee is Lovely for failing at the garnish station. This is Lovely's third time. Why should you stay, Lovely? "You might not see it, but it's there." "So you were moving so fast that I couldn't see you." "Yes." "Holy crap!" She's the Flash! Tek? "I am extremely passionate about food." Gordon hates both of them, then calls out Suzanne's name. Since she's not shy about offering her opinion, Gordon would like to know who she'd send home. "Lovely, chef." "I completely agree." Well, I like that Suzanne didn't flinch. And also, I'm sick of Lovely.

Chef Ramsay warns Tek to be careful, then claims that something will change. Blah blah "most important dinner service of your lives" and so on.

Gordon's last words: "If people were named for their cooking, her name wouldn't be Lovely. It would be Useless."

Next week: Kitchenpocalypse!

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