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You're Just Cooking Like a Zombie!

I like how they don't bother recutting the episodes at all when they show them back-to-back. Because I feel like I need the Previouslies even less than I normally do, but they're still there. Just in case.

Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 30
Contestants' Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 23
Dinner services finished so far: Four for four! A step up from last season, at least.

Fran now believes that Chef Ramsay has kept her around for a reason. Is this going to turn into some sort of Joan of Arc thing, where she's convinced she has a destiny?

As the men file out, Gordon tells Salvatore that he shouldn't crumple when he gets yelled at. Fight back!

The next morning, Scott and Salvatore are the only ones awake at 5:23 am. They go over the menu and Scott explains that Gordon Ramsay's idea of fighting back is saying "Yes, chef" and getting back to work.

Everyone's lined up in the dining room. The challenge will employ the craps table from before. In fact, we're just reusing a challenge from last season. Each of the chefs will roll the twelve-sided die, then name an ingredient that begins with the letter shown. Then each team will make a dish employing those ingredients. There are currently six chefs on each team, which I have just noticed means that the episode title is wrong. Oh, well.

Scott asks Gordon to blow on his die, and he declines.. He gets an H and goes with Halibut. Jay thinks that's boring. Jason adds Endive. Ed gets Salsify, which is something fancy chefs like. Benjamin throws in Crab, then Jay gets P and goes with Peas. Finally, Salvatore's B gives them ... Bacon. Everyone seems to think this could be a pretty good dish.

Fran kicks off with a B and panics, finally coming up with Beets. Nilka adds Shallots, and skepticism is starting to reign. Autumn's M blanks her and she finally comes up with Mango. The men high-five at that, and Gordon suggests a couple of other options she could have gone with. Siobhan comes up with Ham, then Maria adds Turnips. The women don't seem all that enthusiastic about their dish so far. Holli finally steps up to the table, rolls a D, and throws out Duck. Everyone loves it, because at least it's a real ingredient.

Gordon sends everyone off and tells them to make sure that everyone has input. That's not a problem for Autumn, who is giving suggestions even as they enter the kitchen. To be fair, her idea of saving the duck fat to add to the turnips sounds pretty reasonable. She also tells Nilka how to butcher the duck. Meanwhile, Salvatore is wandering around the blue kitchen looking for something to do. Scott gives him a simple, repetitious task and tells him not to mess with the stuff Scott is stirring.

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