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It's time for the dinner service, and tonight they will have (the most amazing) chef's tables. That's when people get to sit inside the kitchen, which I don't really think sounds all that pleasant and relaxing on this show. Anyway, the red team gets the host of Entertainment Tonight, Kevin Frazier. And the lovely Mrs. Frazier. The blue team gets "a star who's in Entourage." Guess who! Nope. Guess again. Nope. Not him either. Nope. It's Debi Mazar! And her husband, who we're told is a chef. So that's what's up.

We appear to have a lot of celebrities in the house tonight, although Debi Mazar is the only one I've heard of. Still, if you're interested, there's Carrie Preston (actress on True Blood), Jay McGraw (author, TV host and son of Dr. Phil), his wife Erica McGraw (a former Playboy model), Debi's husband Gabriele Corcos (chef), and of course Debi and Kevin. I can call them by their first names, right? We're all pals here.

Jason starts on appetizers, and Scott is immediately coaching him, which means that he's telling him what to do at all times. Scott's calling out the times and absolutely micromanaging Jason's action. He's also getting on everyone's nerves. Jason's capellini is cooked perfectly, though, so that's something. On the red side, Siobhan's capellini has lobster in it, not crab. Awkward. She's allegedly keeping Playboy models waiting.

Blue side. Salvatore panics over some fish, and Debi Mazar thinks he's going to have an aneurysm. On the red side, Siobhan has lobster in the capellini again! To do so once may be regarded as a misfortune; to do it again looks like carelessness. Anyway, she claims that the bin she pulled the meat from said "crab," but is willing to admit that it does appear to be lobster. Kevin Frazier is laughing, but he's trying not to show it.

Salvatore's got more snapper. Chef Ramsay shouts "Salvatore!" a million times and then says the snapper is cooked perfectly. Scott interviews with incredible smugness that Salvatore is his pet project and that with the proper guidance, Salvatore could be an attribute to the team.

More celebrities! Well, I assume they're celebrities because they get their names captioned. If you're a fan of Barbara Niven ("Actress") or Jamie Little ("ESPN Reporter"), you're excited right now.

Nilka's on meat, and Chef Ramsay calls out three beef, one halibut, all three beef medium well. Autumn coordinates the action vocally, and Nilka's meat is cooked perfectly. I enjoy when Gordon curses casually, instead of furiously: "Beautifully cooked, now [bleep] off, will you?" Nilka's response is appropriate: "Will do!"

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