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Salvatore has some more perfect salmon. Things are going too well for Chef Ramsay, so he shouts at Ed about the state of the potatoes. Ramsay never seems to enjoy himself in the kitchen on this show.

Now Chef Ramsay spots Autumn doing something wrong with the fish. Specifically, she picked up the fish with tongs and dropped it. He tells her about using the spatula to pick up from under the fish, and showing respect for the ingredients. She seems a little flustered by it. Meanwhile, Kevin Hamlin ("Dallas Cowboys") is getting impatient.

Scott delivers three beef that are supposed to be medium, but all the chefs agree that it's rare. Scott claims that it feels medium rare to him, which is not only not what anyone else says it is, it's not what was ordered. Just say "Yes, Chef!" and get back to work, remember? Scott interviews that he's sure he's only being picked on because he has so much experience.

Brian Vickers ("NASCAR Driver") tells his tablemates to go ahead and start eating.

Nilka gets the wellingtons done for the chef's table and serves Kevin Frazier. He tells her she's doing great. It's nice to hear encouragement in the middle of this, isn't it?

Scott brings up a pair of lamb wellingtons that are raw, not rare. Jason interviews that Scott messed up twice, and therefore should be gone. Jay is also gleeful that Scott the Know-It-All got in trouble. Salvatore continues to get praise and brings Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos their food. And he gets to talk to them in Italian, which he wisely doesn't do for too long.

The red team cooks like a well-organized kitchen. Scott finally has some well-cooked beef wellingtons. Both kitchens are allegedly on their last tickets, and we even see a brief glimpse of desserts. The red team gets complimented by both Gordon Ramsay and Kevin Frazier. The blue team also shuts down to slightly muted praise.

After the service, Chef Ramsay says he's amazed at how good the contestants were. He specifically praises Salvatore and Nilka. So they're supposed to go up and pick one person each from their teams. No consensus; it's up to Salvatore and Nilka.

Up in the dorms, the women seem pretty relaxed about letting Nilka choose. But when Nilka says that Autumn got a lot of riding, she says it's unfair. Siobhan says that her crab/lobster thing was because there was crab on top of the container that had lobster in it. Nilka's plan is to go speak her mind. Sounds fair.

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