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Then they use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream in 45 seconds. Krupa says she might have done better in chemistry class if it was cool shit like this. Uh, my chemistry class was nothing BUT cool shit like this, so I have no idea what she's talking about. Tommy says the liquid nitrogen is dangerous because you can freeze a body part and have it shatter, possibly because he thinks comic books are real.

However, after showing them the cutting edge, Ramsay is going to take them right back to the basics: fire and water. "You can steam, you can boil, you can poach. All other cooking methods are off-limits," says Ramsay, and Jonathon's bummed because he was "fixin'" to use "this things [sic] from the future." Oh, and he apparently thinks boiling water was invented just a hundred years ago.

The chefs have 45 minutes to create a unique dish from one of six proteins, using the aforementioned methods. Since the Red Team has seven members, they'll double up on one protein and then taste-test the two dishes to decide which dish to present. Obviously, Carrie is going to be one of the two cooks doubling up (with Elizabeth, on prawns). There is a minor scuffle between Gina and Krupa over who's using the guinea hen ("Bitch, get off my guinea hen," Gina tells us. I hope Gina doesn't consider herself charming). Over in the Blue Kitchen, Monterray seems to be wandering around somewhat aimlessly.

The dishes are finished, and the Red Team gets down to selecting. Ramsay calls out Elise for saying she preferred Elizabeth's prawn dish over Carries without even tasting Carrie's, and Elise gives us a ridiculous justification for tasting with her eyes first instead of her mouth that amounts to, "Carrie sucks, so obviously her dish is going to suck." The team does eventually go with Elizabeth's dish anyway, and Carrie grouchily says that's fine, clearly not believing it, and she tells us that nobody on that team has any faith in her. In her defense, she hasn't given them much reason to.

First up is filet mignon, Jennifer against Jonathon. Jonathon provides the most basic of basic: meat, potatoes and vegetables. The Moto chefs shit all over the presentation, calling it not restaurant-caliber, but decide that it's cooked wonderfully. Jennifer's made a basil fondue sauce, and says she's never boiled beef before. Apparently she's got it just right, and the Moto guys give the nod to Red Team for Jennifer putting more thought into it.

Monterray and Elizabeth go head-to-head on prawns. Monterray has made prawn eggs benedict, which prompts Ramsay to bury his head in his hands. Not that he endorses criticizing dishes without tasting them first. Oh, but the food isn't any good either. Overcooked prawns. Elizabeth, meanwhile, has made spaghetti with prawns, and it's tossed in olive oil. The Moto guys aren't big fans of that either, and you know what's going to happen now: Ramsay calls over Carrie's dish, which involves bell peppers and a b├ęchamel sauce? I think? And of course the judges all prefer it to either of the dishes that have been presented, and Carrie nods pointedly at Elise, who stares at her with raised eyebrows. No points for either team.

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